Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Let God Work It Out

Last week Irma had to have an operation to remove a small lump in her breast. They rushed the operation and did it Friday. She is OK and it turned out to be nothing serious. But I was expecting a very important Fedex late in the week and it didn't come Thursday, so Friday was the day it would come. I couldn't be home, I had to spend the day in the hospital. I didn't want them to leave it on the porch and didn't want to wait over the weekend but what could I do? Whatever.

My neighbor across the street is never home. I don't think they are really neighbors, every few months they show up and do a little work around the yard and disappear for another couple of months. Well, I'm bringing Irma home late in the afternoon and here comes the neighbor walking up the driveway with my package. Wow, cool. But, where'd he come from. He just happened to show up on Friday - I have not seen him nor has anyone been in that house for at least two months. He worked there Friday and Saturday and disappeared again. Thank you, neighbor. And thanks to God for bringing him to the house Friday. It worked out perfectly. Not to mention nothing was wrong with Irma, thank God for that as well.

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