Tuesday, August 09, 2005

James At School

James had a great time at school yesterday. He enjoyed art the most, he did finger painting. He got some paint on his new shirt but I was able to wash it out before Mommy saw it. He had no problem at all adjusting to a new environment. The teacher said he was very well behaved, too.

I didn't get any sleep though. The power steering pump mount broke on my car (while Irma was driving it - for the first time in ages) and I can't get it until later today. So, I had to drive Irma to work ... but ... She went to work late. I had to take her to Walmart, went to the dealer to get the part for my car (they didn't have it), then she wanted to stop at a car dealer and look at a Ford F150. We drove that down the road- it had a few problems I didn't care for.

We went home and found out I had missed a FedEx package I needed to fix a problem on her car. I was not happy about that. I started taking her to work and there was a FedEx truck in front of AutoZone. I turned around but by that time he had left. We spotted him on a side road and after a few turns were able to catch him at his next stop. I asked if he had my package and he sure did. Perfect. By the time I got home it was 1:00pm and I had to pick up James at 2:30pm. I took a nap for 1 hour. I put the part on her car when I got up.

I still have to change the oxygen sensors and the front wheel bearings on her car and change the power steering pump mount on my car. Not doing it today.

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