Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Red Light Cameras

Camera At Orlando Intersection Catches 2,700 Red Light Runners

Since mid-November, a camera at the corner of Hiawassee Road and Raleigh Street in Orlando has caught 2,700 people running the red light.

My question is: When exactly does it count as running a red light? What if it turns red as you exit the intersection? Or are halfway through it? What if you're in the intersection waiting to make a left (not for New Jersey drivers, where 3 rights = 1 left) and you can't get through until it turns red for oncoming traffic?

Human beings where not meant to be monitored and controlled by computers. It just doesn't work. There are too many variables in real human life that a computer just can't factor in. Just knowing you're being watched so closely causes too much stress for people. I'm not saying running red lights is OK but I think the authorities see dollar signs and can't see around them to reality.

I live in a town that is very heavy on police speeding enforcement. Very heavy. I can't tell you how many times I almost panic at the sight of a police car, immediately checking my speed (9 times out of 10 I'm not speeding anyway, the other time it's less than 5 over) and I end up driving down the main road constantly checking the speed. When I get out of town driving is so much more relaxing, I don't really worry about it that much. And I don't drive any faster out of town. The only difference is worrying about getting a ticket. And a side effect of this is that you never want to see a cop. They become "the enemy," even though you're not doing anything wrong.

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