Tuesday, May 02, 2006


America is collapsing because, as a people, we have chosen to embrace lies over the truth. We have cursed that which is good and applauded that which is patently false.

Says Mychal Massie. He's not far off the mark. It's not just an American problem though, it seems the whole world is deluding itself.

We are in a state of decline because the threats and peril our Founding Fathers faced ... are now embraced by those we elect and those who instruct our children.

That's true. See How to identify America's totalitarians by Dennis Prager and think about who is rewriting history - in America and worldwide.

Judges and the courts have forgotten their role. They routinely undermine the work of law enforcement. They aide and abet pedophiles and serial rapists by giving them less severe sentences than can be expected for mistreating animals. Instead of enforcing our laws and the Constitution, those we elect find ways to circumvent and subvert same for their personal gain. They support anarchy by assisting those sworn to destroy our way of life. Laws that have been established to protect society as a whole are disregarded so as to aid criminals. Witness the protests of illegal aliens and the support they enjoy from the White House down.

Not only is that sickenly true in America but take a good, hard look at the United Nations - a bastion of corruption.

We have a duty to the present and whatever future remains. And that duty will not be accomplished by what amounts to a pagan worship of the Earth. It will be accomplished by reminding people of that which our forefathers held dear - the "Truth" that this great nation was founded upon.

This cannot be done by changing parties nor as it stands at present, by simply replacing one elected person with another. We must first reclaim our historical traditions, i.e., "Godly" worship, Godly families, and Godly educational institutions - many of which, lest we forget, were founded as church schools.


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