Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stupid Turkey

As I was writing the previous post there was a turkey in the driveway walking around my car. I should have known what he was doing. A few days ago I was driving past my neighbors house and saw a turkey pecking her car. I picked up the kids and when I was coming back home it was still there. She was outside, so I told her and she chased it off.

I just went to pick up the kids again and when getting back in the car from the other side noticed the entire side of the car is scratched. That turkey must have been going to town on my car for a while. Why on that side and not on the side I could see from the window?

I like having the turkeys around, I enjoy watching them, and they have never done anything like this before, that's why I didn't chase it away. It looks like it's just this one turkey. A rogue turkey. If he keeps this up I might have to arrange a little accident - just kidding. I'll just let James loose on him, he'll chase him a way.

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