Friday, July 10, 2009

No Creator Reqiured

"The DNA Code" - New Research Shows Life Hardwired in the Universe

The implications are staggering: good news for anyone worried about how we're alone, and bad news for anyone who demands some kind of "Designer" to put life together - it seems that physics can assemble the organic jigsaw all by itself, thank you very much, and has probably done so throughout space since the beginning of everything.

The person who wrote this article must be 12. It may be as this article says, DNA wise - I don't pretend to know - it is irrelevant. Where did the physics come from? How did the DNA get programed to do what it does? From where came the matter? The atoms, the protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks? The atom didn't just put itself together. Physics can't assemble the organic jigsaw without a program, instruction, or laws that govern how it acts.

What was the beginning of everything? And how? The universe had a beginning and it will have an end. Earth is not permanent. The sun will burn out. Every species - animal or plant - that is alive today will die. We live a temporary existence in a temporary world. Is there a different, timeless (for lack of a better word) dimension within which our universe exists?

Everything in the universe is beautifully and intricately designed, from whatever angle, near or far, where ever you look, the artistry is amazing, awesome. We stand humbled by every aspect of the universe if we stop long enough to notice. To steal a popular phrase, "Open your mind" and see the truth. It takes an intelligent, ordered mind to create something - anything. The more complicated, the more intelligence is required, be it a chair, a house, a car, a computer. Artistry and design require a mind.

The universe is perhaps billions of years old but a man all of 18 years old or so decides he knows it all came together by itself, no Creator required. He is wise beyond his years.

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