Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Totalitarianism is the New Black

Grandmother who objected to gay march is accused of hate crime

After witnessing a gay pride march, committed Christian Pauline Howe wrote to the council to complain that the event had been allowed to go ahead.

But instead of a simple acknowledgement, she received a letter warning her she might be guilty of a hate crime and that the matter had been passed to police.

Two officers later turned up at the frightened grandmother's home and lectured her about her choice of words before telling her she would not be prosecuted.

Mark Steyn comments on the story: Nobody Expects the British Inquisition

As to "an intention of hate," strange how the "pre-crime" language of Philip K. Dick's sci-fi dystopia now passes almost without notice.

The conformity enforcers of "tolerance" and "diversity" are growing ever more explicitly totalitarian.

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