Friday, July 30, 2010

From Rush Limbaugh

Tracing Our Decent in Depravity

But I think all of this can be traced back to God being shunned, to God being removed from people's lives, to there being no God or false gods or what have you.

He's right.

Moral values? "Ah, that could be explained away. Yeah, you can explain moral values. That's just the opiate of the masses. That's just a bunch of irrelevant people trying to tell themselves they're good people. Morality? Morality, that's for the great unwashed. We intellectuals, we members of the ruling class, we understand (haughty laughing) what a joke morality is," and yet the people that are heralded as the Wizards of Smart -- the unifiers, the people who are gonna save the country and save us -- are in the process of destroying it. Some people do think that it's being done purposefully, and it's a hard thing to tell 'em it's not 'cause the evidence is incontrovertible. The worst thing that you can be in society today is judgmental. That's why people like us are so hated, folks. The worst thing you can be is judgmental and right.

Exactly, You are the worst person in the world if you say it's not OK to do anything you want, that there are laws governing behavior just as there are laws governing the universe. You break the laws bad things begin happening. Laws governing human behavior are not usually as obvious as gravity but they have a cumulative effect. Unfortunately, people rarely admit that the problems they find themselves drowning in can usually be traced back to their past choices.

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