Sunday, January 29, 2012

Strong Foundations a Strong Society Make

Amazon seller accused of five star fix

I wanted to highlight the opening paragraph from this article because it is hitting at the problem we are facing as a society.
While most of us object to politicians or law enforcement officials taking bribes, it turns out that the public is quite happy to be complicit in corrupt behavior.
If the individual citizens cannot govern themselves, the government will have to do it for them. That is why we now have things like "the Peacemaker" rolling out into South Florida neighborhoods. It could be coming to your neighborhood next.

God starts with the healing of the individual, building society from the individual up - and it's completely voluntary. Strong people, strong families, strong society. Man takes the opposite approach, masterminding the great society and forcing the individual to conform - which never truly happens, even after all the bloodshed which inevitably ensues.

We've had many years of top down planning in the United States and it is beginning to fall apart. The people are corrupt, families torn apart, and the strong hand of government trying to keep it together. May we repent - realize our errors and turn it around - before it's too late.

Edit: After writing the above, before going to bed, I was reading a book called 'Friend of God' by Ray Stedman, and came across this paragraph:
The spiritual freedom that Christ brings always produces social and political freedom. Those who try to bring about social and political justice without laying a foundation of freedom in Christ are doomed to fail. No amount of political action and organizing will ever succeed in setting people free until the gospel of Jesus Christ has planted the seeds of freedom in human hearts.
I believe the closest this world has ever come to that freedom - at least since ancient Israel - has been in the United States whose foundational principles were based on Judeo-Christian values. As we lose those values, we lose the blessings that result.

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