Wednesday, March 14, 2012

At Least They're Not Covered in Oil

The favorite projects of the left turn out to be meat grinders - windmills kill countless numbers of birds and now high speed rail is killing reindeer. Isn't harming reindeer one of the reasons we can't drill in Alaska?
The train line, which runs between UmeƄ and Lycksele, has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of reindeer over the last three months, when the unfortunate animals have wandered onto the tracks.

Finding a dead reindeer or one that is injured and needs to be euthanized is a daily occurrence for reindeer owner, Per-Mikael Jonsson, who is forced to put down many injured reindeer fearing that their internal damages may be too severe to survive.
Not to worry, huge solar farms would never harm the environment. Huge tracts of barren land covered with solar collectors - mother earth just wishes she thought of it first.

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