Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Democrats Need a Permanent Underclass

This guy is hitting the nail on the head.
"When they put you on a check, it isn't like they're putting you on a hundred grand a year. No, they're putting you on ten grand a year - if that! But ten grand a year plus a little food stamps and some cheap-ass crappy government housing with cockroaches - that's your life. That's your life under the Democrats plan. But they need that permanent underclass. Here's the thing about the Hispanics ... these aren't lazy people, these are not people who come here because they want to get on the government dole, I honestly believe that. I believe that the Hispanics that are coming across the southern border of the United States illegally are coming here for opportunity, they're coming here for jobs, for a better life for them and their families. They're very family oriented people, in fact a lot of the money that they make they send home to their families in Mexico. The whole concept of family, the whole concept of working, the whole concept of trying to better your position in life, those are Republican values. The sad thing about it is that they come here and they get it in their head that the Democrats are for the working man, the Democrats are for the poor and in reality the Democrats are for the poor alright, but they need you to stay poor. They are not looking for you to ever crawl out of a hole. That's not gonna work for them, because what they are buying is a life-time voter and the sad part about it is they get that voter cheap."

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