Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Hope Replaced Reason and Passion Displaced Evidence"

The God That Continues to Fail
Ms. Pita explains that the Cuban people were "victims of what Jean Francois Revel called the 'golden legend of Communism'" too often propagated by the so-called "free press" and most of the "progressive intellectuals" who still overwhelmingly influence students in universities.

Thus, as Ms. Pita emphasizes, the "ideological poison had been already administered by asymmetrical warfare: systematic misinformation about the past, denial of the true reality underneath the propaganda, obscuring the facts and delaying the damaging reports, in order to protect a tyrannical regime that, already in the second year of its ascent to power, had dismantled all democratic institutions in Cuba.
That sounds just like us. It's eerie how closely America is following the same road map. I guess communists have the destroy society thing pretty much figured out, it's the have any benefit to mankind thing they are completely missing. They break the foundation of stone and build on a foundation of sand.
Now, almost 50 years later, is America reaching the tipping point when Obama's transformations create a society where "the laws of entropy" are greater than the laws of the Constitution?
It does take hard work and vigilance to keep a free society free, and to overcome the laws of entropy, which work on society as on anything else. You don't put the work in you get behind, and soon you are too far behind to catch up.

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