Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Still Lying

"Star Witness" Jeantel says cracka is used to describe police or security - not an insult to white people.
"Let's talk about creepy ass cracker," Morgan said. "People have said that that is a phrase used by black people, cracker, to describe a white person, is that true?"

"No," Jeantel replied.

"How do you spell it first of all," an apparently curious Morgan asked. It was determined the word is spelled "cracka."

Jeantel said the word "cracka" is used to describe someone who "acts like they are police" or a "security guard."
So when Trayvon attacked Zimmerman he thought he was attacking a police or security officer?

Urban Dictionary says: cracka
A term used to insult white people. Has become more popular recently as the opposite of nigger.

was a term slaves used to identify the slave driver with the whip, because of the sound the whip made.

A defamatory statement from the 1970s, primarily used for caucasion males. See also honkey and jive turkey.

A white person. Derived from the -CRACK- sound of a whip hitting someone in slavery times. Sometimes used as a mild insult from a black person to a white person(1) but sometimes a term of endearment.
whitey; honkey; typically used as a slur against a disliked white person.

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