Friday, April 29, 2005

What A Mess

She goes for a second-trimester abortion, the baby is born alive in the restroom (?) - possibly due to staff errors - they refuse to help the baby when the mother cries for help, and the baby dies. She filed a complaint with the Agency for Health Care Administration.

Listen to this "Born to Win" program: The Anger of God

Update: Autopsy contradicts her story. Still a mess. A bloody mess.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Jerusalem the Stumbling Block

Hamas to U.S.: Holy city is ours

Al-Masri said Hamas has no plans to lay down its weapons.

"Our fingers will remain on the rifle triggers until the removal of the occupation," said Al-Masri, who balked at suggestions Hamas was becoming a political party.

That means until Israel doesn't exist. The "occupation" is the entire Israeli state.

And in that day I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all peoples. All who lift it shall be slashed, and all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it. Zechariah 12:3

Stop Illegal Imigration

Illegal Immigration Fears Have Spread

I wonder why?

L.A. now in Mexico?

We need to stop it - cold. Now.

Fear of Death?

Dennis Prager wonders how Americans would react if America was plagued with the terrorism that they live with in Israel.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Europe Endless

Geopolitical analyst Jack Wheeler believes Pope Benedict XVI will strive to "re-Christianize Europe by making the way for greater religious freedom on the continent and then converting millions of the Muslims who now populate the area."

I believe he may be right. Christianity in Europe is almost dead. Yet, the Bible predicts Europe will again become a superpower, believe it or not. See Iron and Clay, Europe and America in Prophecy and "United States of Europe" When?.

"It takes both heroic optimism and heroic faith to attempt a revival of Europe now at death's door," he writes. "For many astute observers, Europe is doomed by a 'perfect storm' of inescapably negative demographics, welfare-state bankruptcy and the creeping seizure of its cities by Muslim immigrants. Yet the cause of all three is Europeans' willful abandonment of their cultural souls. Restore that to them and all three of the clouds creating this perfect storm start to clear.

"Such restoration can only be done with and cannot be done without Christianity - and not some wishy-washy, apologize-for-the-Crusades, can't-we-all-get-along, multicultural-diversity-transgendered theological goulash, but a straight-talk, look-you-in-the-eye Christianity of muscular moral certainty with no excuses and no apologies."

The problems Europe has been having with Muslim immigrants may be the catalyst to enable this "Christian restoration". I can see this happening, it would not surprise me one bit.

It seems all but inevitable that Europe will become Eurabia with a majority Muslim population in most metropolitan areas within a generation.

"There are only two ways to prevent this: eviction or conversion. Either evict those illegal Muslim immigrants out of Europe and back to their country of origin - or convert them to Christianity. Benedict XVI will advocate the latter path. The obstacle in this path is that Islamic law or Sharia views apostasy or irtidad as a crime punishable by death. The murtadd or apostate, by 'turning his back on Allah' deserves to be killed."

Wheeler says Benedict XVI will publicly demand that Muslims be free of any punishment should they choose to convert to Christianity, citing Article 18 of the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I don't know if Pope Benedict will be the one to accomplish this or perhaps just start it, but it will happen - sooner or later.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Going Postal?

I saw this on my way to pick up Joshua today and had to go back home to get my camera. It was too good to miss.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Have a Cigar!

James just noticed the first batch of baby turkeys wondering around the yard, following mommy. They must have just hatched, they are so tiny, if the grass gets slightly long they disappear.

James says, "Those are cute little baby turkeys!"

If You Can't Fix It ...

Shoot it!

"I think every guy in the universe has wanted to do it," McGivney said. "It was worth every damn minute in that jail."

Mystery Solved!

Why Don't Some Kernels Pop?

I thought I'd never find out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Where Have You Been?

Unfortunately, until I get a new power cord and modem for my laptop, posting may be a little slower than normal. I don't have time to sit in front of the computer at home very much.

My sister came down from New York to visit Disney and We went to see them Sunday and walked around the Disney Marketplace. Monday I took James to their hotel and let him go swimming. His cousins, Brittany and Brian were at Islands of Adventure with their father and my sister stayed behind. It was nice to just sit by the pool and relax. I should do that more often. It was nice to see them and they are still here but they are doing the Disney grind and we may not be able to meet again. I wish I could take time off work and go play but ...

The picture below is of the kids at the Disney Marketplace.

Left to right, Brittany, Brian, James and Joshua.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Drown Your Troubles

'Freak' wave rocks cruise

A "freak wave" more than 70 feet high slammed a luxury cruise ship steaming for New York yesterday, flooding cabins, injuring passengers and forcing the liner to stop for emergency repairs.

Remember the Poseidon Adventure?

All passengers would be given a partial refund, a credit for a future trip and access to the ship's open bar, Robison said.

Bad Modem

Best I can tell, the modem is bad in the Mac. It doesn't even recognize the modem anymore. I checked it out and it is connected properly. I'll have to get another modem. One of the memory cards has gone bad, too. I can do without that. And starting last night the power adapter broke, but that was my fault. Sometimes I can be so clumsy. I can't do without that. What's next?

Friday, April 15, 2005

Ant Jokes

Here's a page with ant jokes. James likes this one:

What game do ants play with elephants? Squash.

If you ever wanted to keep a Horned Lizard but didn't have a source of food, here it is: Horned Lizard Food

Hope you don't have a wife. I can't think of much they dislike more than a box full of ants in the house.

Can You Change Your Future?

What good is it to know the future if you can do nothing about it? Why Prophecy?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I Hate Spiders

Black Widow Spider Bites Central Florida Boy

I didn't know there were black widows in this area. We have tons of spiders in Florida. The one I hate most is about 5 inches in diameter, brown and very quick moving. I see them a lot on the house and sometimes on the cars. I don't know how anyone can park their car with the windows open around here. One was on Irma's car and when I tried to kill it, it hid under the door handle! I got a stick and killed it, but now I always look before I reach for the door, especially at night. Some people hate snakes, I hate spiders.

After the Fact

Two Men Arrested For Robbing Chinese Restaurant In Orlando

I'm glad they were caught, but notice something:

An officer says he watched Antoine Lampkins and Fredrick Howard walk into Egg Roll 99 on Vineland Road. He says Howard was hiding something under his shirt.

When the pair ran out of the restaurant, the officer followed and arrested them.

So, the officer was suspicious enough to wait and watch for them to come out of the restaurant, but wait outside, not go in and and perhaps stop the robbery before it actually happened or as it began. What if they had shot someone inside the restaurant - which happened recently just a couple of miles from this place.

I don't care what it says on the police car, protection didn't enter into this situation. The people had been robbed and traumatized while the police waited outside. It could have been worse.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Train Wreck on HBO

The other night I saw Left of the Dial and it was really a lot like watching a train wreck. I couldn't bear it, yet for some morbid reason kept it on. It hurt to watch those people deceiving themselves into a frenzy. And I heard Jesus mentioned over and over and over - I thought they didn't believe in God.

Adrianna, the Blogger

I noticed last night on Real Time with Bill Mayer (just before I switched channels) that his guest, Adrianna Huffington, had the label "Blogger" under her name. Thought it was funny.

Scrap the Tax

I would love to see the present tax code abolished and replaced with the fair tax plan. Love it. I'm not holding my breath though, too many make too much from the corruption of the present system. We can't have a fair and honest system now, can we?

#1 Killer Of Women

Heart disease. Drinking tea helps, so say studies. Of course, next year the studies will say drinking tea causes cancer.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Grandma Gets Help

'Grandma' airlifted to medical center

Good news, the woman I referred to in an earlier post has been rescued from her Ganddaughters hands.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Disregard That Last Will

According to the Pope's Last Will and Testament:

Regarding the funeral, I repeat the same disposition given by the Holy Father Paul VI: Burial in the bare earth, not in a tomb,

So what do they do with the body? Put it in a tomb!

The place chosen for John Paul II was previously used for Pope John XXIII, one of the Church's best-loved pontiffs.

The Polish Pope will lie close to the tombs of his two immediate predecessors, John Paul I and Paul VI, who both died in 1978.

And an 81 year old grandmother has her feeding tube pulled (yes, like Terry Shiavo - you saw this coming didn't you?) against her living will:

In her living will, Magouirk stated that fluids and nourishment were to be withheld only if she were either comatose or "vegetative," and she is neither. Nor is she terminally ill, which is generally a requirement for admission to a hospice.

What is the point of a will, living or otherwise, if someone else will make the decision anyway?

"Grandmama is old and I think it is time she went home to Jesus," Gaddy told Magouirk's brother and nephew, McLeod and Ken Mullinax. "She has glaucoma and now this heart problem, and who would want to live with disabilities like these?"

Heck, why not just kill everyone over 50. Once you reach 50, that's it. Society can grind you up and feed you to the poor - soylent green.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Biker Build-off Awards

I don't know if I'd call it jumping the shark, I mean the Biker Build-off show itself is great, but the award ceremony - come on. It was just so wrong. These guys are talented and hard working and they were getting their reward for that just doing the shows - getting rich and famous doing what they love. The self-congratulatory awards got to go. They don't fit.

And I'm kind of ticked at Indian Larry. He went through so much to get where he was, he was a survivor, his life was finally clicking, he got through the muck and all that talent and knowledge is gone now because he wouldn't wear a helmet - while stunt riding!

At Long Last

It was slow enough at work that I was able to get on the computer, but ... for some unknown reason the modem is busy and I can't connect to the internet with it. I am not pleased with my Macintosh computer. Many times the cursor doesn't work and I have to reboot, sometimes 10 or 15 times before it starts working. I won't be buying another Mac, that's for sure.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Good Thing We Had A War For Oil

Oil Hits New Record

I Don't Get It

Woman marries clay pot

An Indian bride was married off to a pot by her relatives after her groom failed to turn up for the ceremony.

And they lived happily ever after. What could they argue over?

A Quick Observation

No one ever comes to work an hour early when the clocks go back in the fall. "Oh, was there a time change last night? I forgot all about that. Sorry."

Friday, April 01, 2005

Listen Up!

When God wants to get your undivided attention He often starts by showing you just how unimportant and impotent your personal gods really are. Of course, we, in the modern world, don't often worship gods the way they did in days of old or in the way some third world countries do today. We don't recognize our gods as gods. We don't think in those terms.

Just what are those gods we "worship" today? Read this short but sweet essay and find out: The Gods of Egypt

The true God systematically removed the objects of Egyptian worship until all were forced to acknowledge the One who is supreme. Will God be forced to remove from us our false gods before we finally and completely turn to him?

Black Racer

James just came running up to me saying he saw a snake in the driveway and it went in the bushes. I went out with him and saw a Black Racer in the bushes. It took a few tries but I caught him and showed him to James and let him touch it. Then I let it go and after a while it took off into the bushes again. Nice.

Super Volcano

"Super volcano" could dwarf Indonesia's earthquake catastrophes

Professor Ray Cas of Monash University's School of Geosciences said the world's biggest super volcano was Lake Toba, on Indonesia's island of Sumatra, site of both the recent massive earthquakes.

That makes sense, if the volcano is at the site of the recent earthquakes it shouldn't be surprising if an eruption occurs.

Cas told Australian media Friday that Toba sits on a faultline running down the middle of Sumatra -- just where some seismologists say a third earthquake might strike following the 9.0 magnitude quake on December 26 and Monday's 8.7 temblor.

Of course, if it happens, everyone will be surprised and act as if the possibility never entered their minds. Why didn't anyone tell us?

Why didn't you believe it could happen?

Death Watch

It seems the most important thing happening in the world today is the Pope on his death bed. Even Drudge is "all Pope." I haven't seen anything else on the news this afternoon. This is a really big event and it will only get bigger. You thought Diana had a lot of mourners?