Thursday, September 19, 2013

Breaking Eggs

Probe launched over claim that elite Capitol Police unit blocked from Navy Yard massacre
The board that oversees the U.S. Capitol Police has opened an investigation into whether a tactical team of officers that was one of the first on the scene during the Washington Navy Yard shooting was ordered to stand down.

Several sources confirmed the probe to Fox News. The investigation follows reports that a highly trained and specialized Capitol Police team arrived soon after the shooting started, but was told by a supervisor to leave the scene.

The BBC, which first reported on the allegation, quoted a Capitol Police "source" as claiming "lives may have been saved" if the team could have intervened.
This administration wants all guns out of the hands of the American people in a bad way because it is the only thing that stands in the way of total transformation of our society and total control by progressives and they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. What do they care if people die? They didn't care when they sold guns to the Mexican cartels and they don't care about the people who live in places like Detroit and Chicago because those deaths help their cause.

I'll stop short of saying this shooting was orchestrated but it's sure beginning to look like it was allowed.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Arming Our Enemies

Obama waives ban on arming terrorists to allow aid to Syrian opposition
President Obama waived a provision of federal law designed to prevent the supply of arms to terrorist groups to clear the way for the U.S. to provide military assistance to "vetted" opposition groups fighting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

Some elements of the Syrian opposition are associated with radical Islamic terrorist groups, including al Qaeda, which was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pa., in 2001. Assad's regime is backed by Iran and Hezbollah.
Yeah, the "vetted" groups would NEVER give the weapons to the non-vetted groups. That totally wouldn't happen.

The fact remains that ALL of these groups are anti-American. All of them. Obama is arming our enemies. And this is not just lack of judgement, he has been on the wrong side of every conflict that I can think of - such as Honduras in 2009, Iran, when the people started an uprising, Egypt, Libya - and I'm not so sure there is a side in Syria. Being wrong so often takes real dedication.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Not Our Elephant

Shooting the Syrian Elephant
America has no sense of purpose. Its leaders want to bomb Syria, but can articulate no sensible reason for doing so. They resort to humanitarian gibberish, but they would never move to stop genocide in Africa. Their motives are not humanitarian, they are conformist. They are conforming to the expectations of the foreign pressures of a region that they hope to order and govern.

That sense of pressure reveals the hollowness of the men within. Men of strong moral courage do not commit crimes because the crowd expects them to. It does not kill to avoid being mocked. It is the hollow empire of hollow men that is compelled to such final extremities, acting out a farce to avoid the inevitable revelation that the emperor is naked and his empire has run out of pants.
Remember when John Kerry said this: “With respect to Arab countries offering to bear costs and to assess, the answer is profoundly yes, They have. That offer is on the table.”
Asked by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) about how much those countries would contribute, Kerry said they have offered to pay for all of a full invasion.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

My Thoughts Exactly

Matt Drudge Goes Off on Republican Party: ‘WHO ARE THEY?!’
"Why would anyone vote Republican?" Drudge tweeted. "Please give reason. Raised taxes; marching us off to war again; approved more NSA snooping. WHO ARE THEY?!"
I've been thinking the same thing and had decided to post about it before I saw this headline. What are the Republicans doing? Collecting a paycheck? I don't want to vote Republican in the next election, I don't want these guys in office, they don't represent me.

God help us.