Thursday, November 30, 2006

Horses Are Cool

I just put a new video on YouTube, check it out. It's James and I visiting with the horse across the street from us.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The DVD is being released soon (Dec 5, I believe), so here is a review of the movie to help you decide if you should get it.

Another Reason Not To Smoke Crack

As if you needed another one: Man on crack when alligator attacked

A man who was attacked by an alligator this morning was naked and smoking crack at the time, Polk County deputies who rescued him said today.

The alligator had the man in his jaws when deputies arrived at Lake Parker in Lakeland about 4 a.m. today. They were called by nearby residents who reported hearing a man yelling for help.

I'm not sure lucky is the right word but it was an 11 foot gator - he's in real bad shape but he could have just disappeared had no one heard him screaming.

Be careful out there kiddies.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Video

I put a new video up on YouTube. I saw a really strange looking spider Monday and recorded it, then I explored the Moviemaker program and spiced it up - probably more than I should have for what it was but, hey, I was just having some fun.

I Don't See It


This Jaguar was inspired by the body of Kate Winslet. I just don't see it. It looks like a handful of other cars of the same type. Looks good though.
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Monday, November 27, 2006

Ministry of Silly Walks and Dictators


He spent nearly ten minutes trying to see which of four groups of demonstrators could cheer louder -- then told them all to be quiet.

"Whoever talks first will turn into a donkey," he thundered, only to break into his unmistakable giggle.

Yes, I'm drawing a comparison. That's what I see. Of course, John Cleese is much funnier. Chavez is dangerous to the people of Venezuela.

Friday, November 24, 2006


3 Little Pigs

James with his cousins, Eric and David on Thanksgiving day.

The voice-sync is off a bit because of the converting YouTube does, the original is perfect. I've often wondered why so many of their videos are like that.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Oh Happy Day!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Sedge Viper

This is a very cool video of a very beautiful and dangerous snake.

Thank you viperkeeper over on YouTube for some great videos.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Let It Snow!

Snow Reported In Central Florida

We get excited about a few flurries that melt before they reach the ground, you can see them if you look real hard up at a street light. Not where I live. It is getting a little brisk the last few days.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Waiting Game

This was my view Thursday morning on my way home. There was an accident in front of Medievel Times and they had all three lanes blocked for 45 minutes. I couldn't even turn around from where I was. What bugged me most was even after the ambulance and firetruck left they couldn't even get one lane open for another half hour. I could see a handful of cops standing around shooting the breeze and that's all.

Not putting any priority to getting a lane open seems to be standard practice around here. I know taking care of the injured is more important but after they've been helped and have left the scene how about getting a lane open. Please.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Did You Know ... ?

Newspaper editorials in Iran claim 50% of Israel was destroyed in the recent 33-day Lebanon war. (At least)

"In the 33-day war, the Lebanese Hizbullah destroyed at least 50% of Israel [and therefore] half the path to the liberation of Jerusalem equals 33 days. Now, only (at most) 50% of the path [to Israel's destruction] remains. This remaining 50% is easier than the 50% that was already accomplished.

Wow, 50% destroyed. The Western media really missed that.

"It must not be forgotten that the great war is ahead of us, [and it will break out] perhaps tomorrow, or in another few days, or in a few months, or even in a few years. The nation of Muslims must prepare for the great war, so as to completely wipe out the Zionist regime, and remove this cancerous growth. Like the Imam [Ayatollah] Khomeini said: 'Israel must collapse."

No war yet though, no worries, go back to what you were doing. Well, as soon as Bush is out of office and the troops are withdrawn from Iraq they won't bother us anymore anyway. We'll let them have Israel. And France. Britain, yeah Britain too. And Spain, can't forget Spain.

So, we give them Israel, France, Britain and Spain and ... wait, they want Germany, too. Ok, we can do this. We can make this problem go away. They can have Europe, Asia and the Middle East and we'll throw in Venezuela. Then we'll have peace, right?


Proof Of life On Earth?

 A giant head seen from space may be proof of life on Earth, although some scientists say it's just a rock formation. Rumours of an extraterrestrial advertising campaign abound.

Don't think it'll work, everyone knows aliens prefer tacos.

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Michelle Shows Nancy How To Clean House

How Democrats Clean House

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This Brings Back Memories

The guys at Yamato Damacy climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan and video blogged it. I only wish they had timed the climb. Before starting at station 5 they were all excited and ready to go. At station 8 they were tired but the sign says 3 more hours. At the top it was cloudy, misty and cold and their mood changes, maybe this wasn't such a great idea.

That's about the way it is. When I climbed I had a clear night and saw the sun rise (you climb all night), it was still exciting at that point. After the climb down, which is a different route and zig zags down through volcanic ash, you swear you will never do it again.

Hey, You Never Know ...

How to save a wet cellphone

Hope you don't need it, but it sure is good to know before it happens.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

These Colors Don't Run ... They Just Redeploy

Mark Steyn says U.S. must prove it's a staying power

As it is, we're in a very dark place right now. It has been a long time since America unambiguously won a war, and to choose to lose Iraq would be an act of such parochial self-indulgence that the American moment would not endure, and would not deserve to. Europe is becoming semi-Muslim, Third World basket-case states are going nuclear, and, for all that 40 percent of planetary military spending, America can't muster the will to take on pipsqueak enemies. We think we can just call off the game early, and go back home and watch TV.

It doesn't work like that. Whatever it started out as, Iraq is a test of American seriousness. And, if the Great Satan can't win in Vietnam or Iraq, where can it win? That's how China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Venezuela and a whole lot of others look at it. "These Colors Don't Run" is a fine T-shirt slogan, but in reality these colors have spent 40 years running from the jungles of Southeast Asia, the helicopters in the Persian desert, the streets of Mogadishu. ... To add the sands of Mesopotamia to the list will be an act of weakness from which America will never recover.

Here are some people who know not to give up when the going gets tough.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
Winston Churchill

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.
Dale Carnegie

Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.
William Feather

Monday, November 13, 2006

We Support Your Right To Destroy Us

China sub secretly stalked U.S. fleet

I don't know what to say about this. On the one hand we KNOW China is building arms against the United States, the information is out there, we know their philosophy of war, we know we really can't trust them. On the other hand we are trying to be best buddies with China, building their economy, giving them advanced technology, we even have a military exchange program. I wonder who benefits most from that? And I don't think this is a case of "keep your enemies closer."

We do the same with our Islamist enemies. We know how they make treaties in order to regroup and regain advantage and what do we do? We make treaties and are surprised when they are broken. We make excuses, we finance them. We are, my friends, the ultimate enabler.

I'm not saying we have to be the aggressor but we sure as hell shouldn't be the enabler. We not only make it possible for our enemies to attack us, we protect their rights to do it. Something is drastically wrong with this picture and we're all standing around admiring the artistic value.

It's like we are on the Titanic and we see the iceberg in plenty of time to avoid it, but we just don't want to leave the dance to go steer the ship, we're having too much fun.

The Democrats are going to improve the situation? Cock-a-doodle-doo people, it's morning. Wake up!

It's maddening. The United States needs an intervention.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Friday, November 10, 2006

Forget Global Warming ...

Aliens could attack at anytime!

Which of these will kill you first?
  • Aliens!
  • Global Warming
  • Meteorite or comet
  • Super Volcano
  • Conservatives
  • Super Hurricane
  • Tidal Wave

This Is A Test

Of your internet connection speed at I've seen these tests before but this one is slick. Click on the yellow pyramid to test your computer. They provide a graphic you can cut and past. Here's mine:

This is a great way to see if your ISP is giving you the speed you pay for.

H/T - #!/usr/bin/geek

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

On The Ground, Now!

I was just sitting here at work surfing the web and watching "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" and heard an episode of "Cops" happening outside. I got up to see what was going on and there were six cars in the entrance of the parking lot, lights flashing and cops with guns drawn yelling "On the ground, now!" I saw three people on the ground, at least one female. I wonder what they did? I didn't ask, just kept my distance. Had nothing to do with the hotel anyway.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Gatorland Burns

 The famous Orlando attraction Gatorland caught fire this morning around 6AM. I could see the smoke and smell it as I drove home. It was confined to the gift shop and only four animals were killed. Says James, "That stinks!" They will rebuild. Newslink
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Laughing Baby


This post is merely to provide a break between the laughing baby and the post below. I just didn't want to put the two together. And for your amusement ... a joke.

Two vampire bats wake up in the middle of the night, thirsty for blood. One says, "Let's fly out of the cave and get some blood."

"We're new here," says the second one. "It's dark out, and we don't know where to look. We'd better wait until the other bats go with us."

The first bat replies, "Who needs them? I can find some blood somewhere." He flies out of the cave.

When he returns, he is covered with blood.

The second bat says excitedly, "Where did you get the blood?"

The first bat takes his buddy to the mouth of the cave. Pointing into the night, he asks, "See that black building over there?"

"Yes," the other bat answers.

"Well," says the first bat, "I didn't."

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Death by Hanging

Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death by hanging. He should already be dead, but what ya gonna do? Now how long before it actually happens? That's another story. His death will finally allow Iraq to move on without fear of his coming back. As long as he's alive, anything is possible - and they know that.

The Only Issue This Election Day

I wish everyone was required to read this before voting: The Only Issue This Election Day by Orson Scott Card, a Democrat.

The frustrating thing is that if people would just look, honestly, at the readily available data from the Muslim world, they would realize that we are winning and that the course President Bush is pursuing is, in fact, the wisest one.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of news organizations trying to keep you from the truth.

Meanwhile, we have this election. You have your vote. For the sake of our children's future -- and for the sake of all good people in the world who don't get to vote in the only election that matters to their future, too -- vote for no Congressional candidate who even hints at withdrawing from Iraq or opposing Bush's leadership in the war. And vote for no candidate who will hand control of the House of Representatives to those who are sworn to undo Bush's restrained but steadfast foreign policy in this time of war.

Agree or disagree, it's worth reading the entire article.

Friday, November 03, 2006


You may die laughing. If so, a ninja did it.

Creative Letter Opener

Last One

Don't want to talk about John Kerry too much, so this commentary, Kerryism, will hopefully be the last time. It's worth reading.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halp Us Jon Carry


Where's the Film?

'UFO' caught on film

Italian UFO buffs are excited about a mysterious ball of light caught on film in Sicily at the weekend .

Is it a secret film, why the delay? And only one person got it on tape even though it was there for 2 hours?

Sicily's self-styled 'UFO Centre' said it would view the tape in the next few days .

The southern island appeared to be a favourite destination for UFOs, the centre said .

Yes, UFOs simply love Sicily this time of year, can't keep them away.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Keep Talking, Johnny

Some people just don't know when to shut up.

It's just a daily reminder to never, ever vote Democratic. No matter how bad it gets, it can always be worse.

Ignore the prominent, blue, double-underlined words on that page. They are annoying advertisements that have nothing to do with the context.