Monday, September 30, 2002

Happy Birthday to Kathy! (28th) Here's a link to find out who else was born on your birthday.
The Zone Alarm update seems to have fixed the problem. Good!

Sunday, September 29, 2002

We have returned! We had a wonderful time in Panama City Beach even with the tropical storm. We were in the jacuzzi while all our shoes were blowing away and the gulf was threatening to swallow the entire beach and bands of heavy rain would come through! It was warm and cozy in the jacuzzi though! And the kids loved it! Most of the week there was great weather and nice cool breezes from the gulf. Our hotel was perfect once we moved to the tower with a private balcony and gulf view.
I will be updating the website with pictures as soon as I can. It was a very busy and eventful week.
My computer problems with vsmon.exe turned out to be caused by Zone Alarm and it seems they have an update which I'm downloading now. I'll let you know if it fixes the problem.
I still can't connect to the Drudgereport and I'm not too happy about it. I have a feeling it's being blocked by my ISP.
That's it for now.

Friday, September 20, 2002

Todays site of the day: Junior's Juke Joint This one has to last until Sep 29. It's an amazing view into a life you don't live.

I spent most of the day preparing for our little trip to Panama City Beach. I will bring back pictures.

My computer has been acting up all day. I can't even check my e-mail, outlook express freezes everytime I open it. It crashes the whole computer. A program called vsmon.exe is what seems to be causing the problem. I don't have time to mess with it either. Did I ever tell you how much I hate Microsoft?

There will be no more posts until Sunday Sep. 29 ( no applause, please ), So see ya later.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Website of the day: Computer Bits Lot's of great info!
If you have a website: Fixing Your Website You will learn alot here!

I put James for a nap but he's not willing. He was helping me fix the car. (Taking all the tools out of the box one by one and putting them on the floor.)
Then he went off roading and was digging in the dirt and got all dirty. At least he was keeping busy and out of my way. When we came in we both needed a bath!

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Website of the day : Neil Boortz.
This is an article he wrote for Worldnet Daily. Joshua will be going back to a private school soon, not because of this but it's just another reason to pile on. I can't get along with government schools at all.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

One garage door opener working as advertised.
James knocked a corningware bowl off the counter this morning. Did you ever see one shatter? It looks like billions of little pieces! Oh well. I just broke a glass the other day and I'm much older then him.

Happy birthday to Aunt Roberta!!! Here's a couple of sites for you today:Decimal Birthday and Famous

The website of the day today is for Linux:Ibiblio Linux Archive
Here's one that archives the Drudge Report:

Monday, September 16, 2002

I'm gonna have to move the computer again it is way too hot next to these doors in the afternoon. It's like sitting in an oven, and it's so bright I need to wear sunglasses.
My service pack 1 problems seem to have disappeared. I still don't like being forced to have instant messenger. In fact the more I think about it , the less I like it. Why do these companies think they have the right to tell me what programs I have on my computer? I better stop thinking about it before I reformat my hard drive.
The parts for the garage door opener came today, so I'll install them tomorrow and see if it works. They sent six little pieces that would easily fit in a small padded envelope in a 12"x8"x4" box and sent it UPS! Inside is a note that says to please remit $5.00 within 5 days. It should have cost them 75 cents and they should pay to send me parts that were not in the box when I bought it. Don't buy a genie!
Website of the day: RefDesk
Yesterday we moved the computer from the bedroom to the kitchen. It makes the bedroom more comfortable to sleep in. James was investigating everything because we moved furniture around and he doesn't always approve of where we put things, he likes things where they belong.
Has anyone else had trouble opening the Drudge Report? I think it's been about 3 days now I can't open that site.
James fell asleep, I'm going to take a nap too.

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Webite of the day: WebMomz
Nothing going on yet today. I came home from work this morning and couldn't keep my eyes open another minute but woke up at 11:30AM.
Here's another helpful site: Everything E-Mail ®

Saturday, September 14, 2002

Only one week till the Feast of Tabernacles! What, why? We will be staying at the Flamingo Motel & Tower. A review of the motel wil be available when we return.
My Windows messenger icon showed up today. How nice! At least when it is there it doesn't take so long to open outlook express.

Friday, September 13, 2002

I installed service pack 1 to my Windows XP Pro the other day. Now it takes 5 minutes to open outlook express. It was also forcing me to use Windows messenger and found a e-mail address I have to sign me in ( I did not give it the address), but today I haven't seen the messenger icon at all - like it's not even installed. I don't really care I don't use it but it worries me that something isn't right.
Also the computer won't go into standby because of the TV tuner driver. I never had the problem previously. If you haven't installed the service pack yet, definitely have the installer create a backup so you can uninstall it if you need to, it gives you the option.
If I was the only one using this computer I don't think I would even bother with Windows.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Today I took James outside and the horses were in the field. He started calling them and soon they came over to the fence. One of them let me pet it, the other stood back. James was afraid to touch it. He tried to grab a stick and asked to be put down so he could get a rock. I really don't know what he was thinking, he really likes them but when they get too close they scare him. It wasn't so hot today and the turkeys were out and about all day. They come up almost to my bedroom window. They are beautiful birds. As I write this they are right there about 5 feet from me, picking through the grass for bugs. And there was a softshell turtle in the front yard today. James likes the turtles but I didn't let him touch it, softshells can be mean like snappers.
When I was in the garage he kept getting tools out of my toolbox and going over to the car and sticking them under and into the car like he was working on it. Then he got a hammer and my instinct said "follow him". He ran around to the passenger side and was about to smash the window, he stopped when I yelled NO!
I made gyoza for dinner tonight. I forgot how much I love them! I fried half and steamed the other half. Delicious.
That's about it today except to say that I hate public schools! And for more reasons than I can write here, but today it was because Joshua has to take a pill at lunchtime and they have so many stupid, ridiculous rules and a form that's more complicated than a tax form, bilingual, of course. And then they threaten Joshua if his Mother doesn't fill out the form they are going to throw his pill away. I can't believe the stuuuupid people they have working for the government. If you can think for yourself you are not welcome to the job, thank you very much. With appologies to my Mother, but she knows exactly what I'm talking about. Of course I'll never fly ever again either.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Todays link of the day.

I remember watching them build the World Trade Center when I was young. My Grandmother lived on Midland Ave. in Kearny, NJ and you could walk out to the sidewalk and get a perfect view of the towers. I remember the crane on top. I used to take the PATH trains from Harrison to the Trade Center. I picked up my first Plain Truth magazine from the World Trade Center. It was a strange feeling to be on top of them, almost like you were flying, maybe like you didn't belong there - so high. I went to visit my father in Kearny in 2000. I remember the view from the hospital of the Trade Center at night, that was a skyline! I went to NY that night and was heading downtown when my Mother called and said James wouldn't stop crying and we should come right home, so I didn't get as close as I wanted that night. I have taken the Staten Island Ferry many times, it was always a very special feeling. I used to sit on the waterfront in Staten Island and watch the huge ships go by, of course the Trade Center was in the background. There was that sense of mass, of everything being so huge, mighty. The waterfront down the shore seems almost wimpy in comparison. I haven't been back since 9-11, I can't even imagine...

About 2 months before 9-11, in a sermon, Garner Ted Armstrong was explaining the following verse: Mark 13:2 And Jesus answering said unto him, Seest thou these great buildings? there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down. He was trying (successfully) to put us in the minds of the disciples at that time, how they could not even imagine what He was saying could possibly happen. He said, imagine being in New York and being told these great buildings would come down and not one stone left on another, and how impossible that seemed, and it was impossible before 9-11.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

This link is for all the single women out there! Well maybe some men too. :)
OK, Everyone check it out, you'll like it.

Monday, September 09, 2002

The parts I need for the garage door opener are missing, so I sent for replacements. Let's see how long it takes to get them. James had alot of fun in the garage and riding his tricycle. He took me for a walk down the street too. Now I gave him a bath and it's almost time for his nap.

Check out this new search engine.

Here are a some more websites for the more technically minded computer users:
Little White Dog
AnandTech Excellent!
Tweakers Asylum

Until next time.
Last night at work I figured out the problem with the garage door opener. It seems there is a sleeve that goes on the drive shaft where the two halves meet and I didn't install it. I looked in the garage this morning and didn't find it. I just got back from taking Joshua to school, now I'll head to the garage and continue looking. James will be helping of course.

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Garage door opener installed but not opening the door. The drive rod keeps seperating, I thought because the door was too heavy or the angle wrong but even without the weight of the door it does the same thing. Anyway it was too hot to continue so I'll have to take it down and look more closely at it another day.
It's 10:15 pm and James is still up. He's saying thank you over and over. Irma must be giving him something. I have to go to work, usually I carry him to his crib before I leave. Now he's calling me, time to go.
This morning I went on Ebay and did a search for OS/2 Warp 4. I found some very cheap considering it costs almost $300.00 from IBM. Now I'm thinking about setting up a computer with it. Hmmm.
Ebay is great for finding just what you need, no matter what it is. I found all kinds of parts for my car that cost a fortune from the dealer and were unavailable at the local junkyard. I love it. I just have to stay away from it. :)
Now I have to install a garage door opener, sounds like fun!

Saturday, September 07, 2002

John 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God.

This is the beginning of the bible, the earliest it goes back. Notice there are at least two beings. The Word (Logos in the original greek) and God (Theos in the original greek)

Genesis 1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

John 1:3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

This is when the creation was done. In the original hebrew the word for God is 'Elohiym (or Elohim). 'Elohiym is a word like family or group. There is one family but there can be many members. The greek Theos is the same way. That is why the Logos can be with Theos and be Theos at the same time. The Word (Logos) can also be translated as Spokesman. All things were made by him, so it was the Logos who did the creating. Presently, there are two members of the God family.

Isa 45:18 For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else.

The word here translated vain is tohuw. It means formlessness, confusion, unreality, emptiness. So He created not empty, formless or in confusion, it became that way. The word LORD is YHVH in the original hebrew, the vowels are unknown, therefore the true pronunciation is unknown. It is sometimes written as Yahovah or Jahovah. Lord is really not a great translation because the word baal also means lord. Baal is mentioned many times in the bible and is a false god. Many people today use the word lord the way they used to use baal. Who is the YHVH?

John 1:14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

That’s right! The YHVH, the one who created the heavens and the earth, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the one who led Isreal out of Egypt, the one who carved the ten commandments with his own finger into rock (the commandments were previously in effect since the beginning, he was informing the Isrealites of them since they had been in Egypt and no longer knew them. The same goes for the clean and unclean foods, see Genesis 7:2), that same being known as YHVH became Jesus Christ and dwelt (tabernacled) among us. Read John chapter 1.

Genesis 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

The earth is now without form, and void. Without form is tohuw in hebrew and has the same definition as vain in Isa 45:18. Bohuw means emptiness, void, or waste. “The earth was” is much better translated “the earth became”. (See Strong’s concordance) Something happened since Genesis 1:1. What was it?

Stay tuned! I'll continue another time. I wrote this because it is helping me to study. If you get it fine, but I'm not trying to convert or convince anyone. I'm really just trying to study and learn. If it really bothers you, skip over and read another day. You may also notice that it does not reflect traditional christianity and you would be right. I used the Bible (KJV), for the verses and Strong's concordance for the definitions. I think the conclusions drawn are obvious, but I am learning how to write and may not be fully explaining something. I want the Bible to speak for itself and maybe just put the pieces in the right order. If you happen to be interested and want something explained by someone who knows the material and knows how to write and explain it, see this website: GTA.

Friday, September 06, 2002

Do you have Windows XP? Check out WinCustomize will help you decorate your desktop. I tried some other XP sites I knew about but they have closed shop or changed direction.

If you're a hardware junkie, check out Toms Hardware. Not hammers and nails, computer hardware!

Blogger is acting up again, the editor is not working properly. Last time this happened it left out some of my post! I can't go back and edit a spelling mistake without deleting the whole sentance and rewriting it. Well, what do you want for free? It's just that I am more reluctant to upgrade to BloggerPro if this one isn't working, know what I mean? Blogger?

I like to try different operating systems. I used to use OS/2. It was like using Windows 95 back when Windows only had 3.11. Now it is way too expensive and is not as cutting edge. Here are some OS/2 links.
IBM OS/2 Warp Page
Team OS/2
OS/2 eZine
The OS/2 Supersite
I think that's enough OS/2. Sorry, I remember it fondly.

I've also tried, and like, FreeBSD. I tried OpenBSD but was unable to install it in a partition of my hard drive because you have (had) to know what sector number the partition started and ended and - give me a break! Maybe if it was to be the only operating system on the computer it would have been easier. Anyway, I still like the idea of using it! :)
I've had much better luck with and really like Linux. The best that I've used is Linux Mandrake. I tried Caldera and tubolinux, but didn't like them at all. I hear that Suse Linux is an excellent system.
I don't have any of them running now, but I 'm getting that itch again!
I'm still testing the Mozilla browser and I like it. I still find Opera easier to use, but that may be because I'm not used to Mozilla yet. It is easier to turn on and off some functions in Opera (such as popup windows) and Opera does have functions to turn off images (easier), preview print mode, and toggle between author and user mode ( can make a site much easier to read). Cookie handling seems better in Opera, too. When I'm done browsing I just hit delete private data and it dumps everything. (I can choose what to lose too.) Either way, I'll be using Internet Explorer almost never! Too bad I need it to use blogger!

Thursday, September 05, 2002

When I was much younger I used to drink alot of tea, then as I got older I didn't really like it as much. In fact, for a while I stopped drinking it at all. Then I found Upton Tea and ordered some and rediscovered an old friend. There are some wonderful teas out there if you stay away from the store bought bagged teas. I think it has to do with the changes in the manufacturing since I was a kid. I'm not sure, but I went through the same thing with rice. I used to love rice, couldn't get enough. Then I started hating it, it was awful. When I spent time in Japan, suddenly, the rice was delicious again. And if you search out the good rice here in the U.S. you'll be able to find good rice too. It's just not the popular brands the big companies want you to buy.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Today I decided to download the Mozilla web browser. I've heard some really good things about it, especially from Lockergnome. So far, so good. I like it better than Explorer for sure and it has the multiple window tabbing like Opera. I'm more comfortable with Opera but I'll keep testing Mozilla. I noticed I've been getting alot of connection refused alerts with it when I have no problem opening the page with another browser. (?)

I just heard that T-Model Ford has a new album coming out, check out the 411 here. He is opening for Buddy Guy in Orlando this month, wish I could go. Buddy Guy's new album "Sweat Tea" is his very best. I never really cared too much for his music, but the new one is great.
Looks like Windows Explorer users are out of luck at Ma's website. I've tried numerous times, no luck. It's a very good possibility he blocks explorer. I don't know if netscape will work. Anyway, unless you're really into computers you wouldn't use that site.

We are getting ready to go to the Feast of Tabernacles Sep 21. What's that? Click here to find out. We'll be going to Panama City Beach, FL. I haven't been in a long time. It's about time now to begin again.

All parents need to read the "Keeping Your Children Safe" section of this website. Please.

Not much else happening this morning, I just wanted to check that link again.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

One more thing, for some reason I can't access Ma's site with Windows explorer, but Opera works fine, maybe it's just temporary, I don't know yet. Try this link: click here
One of the most, if not the most interesting site I have come across on the web is this one : by Fravia. There is so much information there, about so many interesting things (computer wise), that usually I just get lost in there following one line of thought , then another, and another, till I forgot where I started! There is so much to learn in there, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more advanced computer skills. He's got some excellent pages of tools too. Especially useful are the search pages. Have fun!

Another cool site is Ma's Reversing. He's a friend of Fravia and most people I know won't even be able to access his site! I'm presently stuck on the 4th riddle. I can't spend all my time trying to get to the next level, but when I have time it is addicting! Good luck, let me know how you do!

I'll leave you with that today. James is getting very restless and won't let me type. See ya!

Monday, September 02, 2002

For those wondering about my snakes, I like them as pets because I think they are interesting behaviorally and to look at, I have since I was a child, and they don't need the constant attention of most other pets. I can go away for a week and not have to get someone to take care of them. I don't take them out and play with them. I handle them only when it is necessary for the most part. I have most of them in special escape proof snake enclosures from Vision Products. A few I still have in fish tanks because I can't afford any more of the other cages yet. The first one I bought is a Boa Constrictor. I've had her since she was a baby and she is now about 6 or 7 feet long. A couple years later I bought a male as well, but he is not as large. Since I was a child I wanted a boa constrictor, I got one, and now my advice is to seriously consider everything about the animal that you are buying. I really like her but a large snake eats large meals and that meal eventually needs to be cleaned from the cage. I like big dogs too, but I don't think I'll ever get one.

My advice would be to stick with a snake that remains small. I know alot of people buy a large snake because they think it's cool, but there are alot of really interesting small snakes, including pythons and boas. My absolute favorites snakes I own are my Savu Pythons or Sawu, depends who you talk to, from the island of Sawu in the indo-pacific. I have a pair. They stay small and are so much more interesting than the larger snakes. My second favorite are my pair of Spotted Pythons. They are from Australia and they also stay small. I also have a California Kingsnake, Northern Pinesnake and a Corn Snake. That's it for the snakes!

We also have a Sulcata Tortoise thanks to Irma, who couldn't live without that cute little guy who will grow to about 2 feet long and dig up the whole yard. I couldn't talk her out of it! Don't get me wrong , it's a nice tortoise, I like it, It just gets very BIG. To round it out, we have a couple of small turtles, a Mud Turtle and a Musk Turtle, both of which I highly recommend to anyone wanting to keep turtles.

Of couse we have plenty of lizards, some snakes, frogs, and a gopher tortoise that visit us regularly, but they stay outside! Hey, this is Florida.

Sunday, September 01, 2002

I just got a new address for the website. The old address will still work, but I prefer you to use the new one, which I got it through The reason I want you to use the new address is because I need at least 30 hits every 90 days on that address for the name to remain free, and I want it to remain free! So please bookmark the new address and visit often. From my website you can access my Blog through the news link. Also, check out, it's pretty cool.