Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rio, a Truly Wonderful City for All Kinds of Crimes

Rio and the Old West

Criminals in Rio attack their victims trusting that the State has made its dirty work of disarming the population, guaranteeing in this way total insecurity for victims and total safety for murderers.

In the Old West, an outlaw had to think twice before attacking an innocent man, for him not to end with a bullet in the middle of his forehead.

In Rio, an outlaw doesn’t need to think, because only his victims end with a bullet in the middle of their forehead.

In the Wild West, hanging was a murderer’s sure destiny.

In Rio, death is the murderers’ victims’ destiny, and murderers may opt for hanging, tortures and any other sadism that they want to apply to their victims.

Between the Wild West and Rio, I would prefer the Old West. There at least I would be able to defend myself.

She Owns the Sun

Spanish woman claims to own the sun.

And she wants to charge you for using it.

RIP Leslie Nielsen

Saturday, November 27, 2010

{sarcasm}Didn't See That Coming{/sarcasm}

General Motors Co.'s recent stock offering was staged to start paying back the government for its $50 billion bailout, but one group made out much better than the taxpayers or other investors: the company's union.

Thanks to a generous share of GM stock obtained in the company's 2009 bankruptcy settlement, the United Auto Workers is well on its way to recouping the billions of dollars GM owed it — putting it far ahead of taxpayers who have recouped only about 30 percent of their investment and further still ahead of investors in the old GM who have received nothing.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Line in the Sand

From Stop Shouting: My Rebuttal to a Progressive who Admonished Me to Play Nice ....

Just read it.

Cleansed Hearts

Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart (2 Timothy 2:22).

Those with pure hearts are not sinless saints; they are not holier-than-thous who have never done anything wrong. They are not the kind of people who look down their noses at everyone else who gets into trouble. No, the word pure would be better translated "cleansed," past tense--those with a cleansed heart, those who have already known what it is to be where you are. They do not put you down; they encourage you. They say, "I know how you feel. I've been there too, but God picked me up. I know what it means to lay hold of His great, forgiving love." So one of the necessities of being used of God is that you keep company with those who are aiming in the same direction.

--Ray Stedman

Careful With That Snake

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crisis of Their Own Making

Crises of Capitalism: Socialists Know Time for Fighting Revolution is Now

Because they deliberately brought the country to this point.

@ 3:56
"In order for the socialist movement to become a profound political factor and win, there has to be not only poverty and oppression amongst the working class and the poor, there has to be an unsolvable crisis within the existing ruling class, an unsolvable crisis the existing political and social order cannot fix. And brothers and sisters from the point of view of our leadership, we believe that modern capitalism, U.S. capitalism has reached a new stage and in fact the current economic and social crisis that's gripping U.S. capitalism cannot be fixed. It cannot be fixed."
Obama just put the icing on the cake. They have been sabotaging this country for years and years, slowly but deliberately, bringing the country to it's knees, fooling most of the people. But not all.

It's time for America to return to its roots, to return to God - with God all things are possible. With national repentance this country would return to its former glory. Get these people out of our government, out of our schools. Freedom or oppression - which do you prefer?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Americans Giving Thanks to God

Below are two passages from a fabulous book called America's Real War, by Rabbi Daniel Lapin. I chose these passages more because of the timing of Thanksgiving rather than that they are the most important quotes I could pull from the book. To be honest I found myself wanting to quote at least one part of each chapter I have read, there is so much to like about this book I can't possibly include it all. The book is a wake up call unheeded, copyright 1999, before Americans were awakened to what is happening to our great nation and gets to the absolute core of what made America great and why we are losing that. It is also a very pleasant book to read, it flows nicely and the chapters are short - I prefer to read entire chapters in a sitting rather than stop in the middle of a chapter, but maybe that's just me.

A visitor to these shores comparing two history textbooks, one from the 1940s and one from the 1990s, concerning the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, would probably have difficulty realizing that the same people and observance were being discussed. Fortunately as we near the year 2000, there is no need to guess what was in the mind of the Pilgrims as they landed in the New World. They bequeathed us a written document, the Mayflower Compact, signed just prior to disembarking their ships on November 11, 1620. The compact reads, in part:

"In the name of God, Amen, We, whose names are underwritten, the Loyal Subjects of our dread Sovereign Lord King James, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, etc, Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith, and the Honour of our King and Country, a Voyage to plant the first colony..." (emphasis added)

It is difficult to interpret that document as anything other than a Christian statement of purpose. Surely, one would think that this document would form an integral part of school textbooks dealing with this period. In many instances, it sadly does not.

There are other undisputed historical facts of the time, such as that Squanto, the Indian who guided the Pilgrims through their first winter, was not simply a good pagen who happened to help, but was himself a believing Christian. There is no doubt, due to primary source material, that the first Thanksgiving was a day of gratitude to the Almighty - not, as is often taught today, gratitude to the Indians. Yet in the recommended Washington State teacher's guide for teaching about Thanksgiving, the historical facts are set aside in favor of secular revisionism.

The problem is not unique to any one state. In 1995 the National Education Association passed a resolution celebrating diversity in Thanksgiving. There is a school district that teaches children an Indian chant for Thanksgiving, not minding that the Indians who used this chant lived nowhere near the east coast in the 1600s. It is one thing for a Disney movie to leave out the fact that Pocahontas converted to Christianity. It is another thing for our schools to neglect that part of her life. It seems that we would rather teach lies to our children than acknowledge the deeply Christian roots of the settlement of the country. Because we Jews loudly loathe attempts to revise Jewish history, we ought also to be among those denouncing attempts at rewriting American history. If it is wrong to deny the holocaust, surely it is also wrong to deny Christianity's role in the founding of America.
And this one a few chapters past the one above.
Thanksgiving itself is an amazingly Jewish type of celebration. The crops had been reasonably successful. They didn't engage in an orgy of self-congratulation or allow the moment to fade away. They gathered together in order to thank God. What a sublime stone with which to lay the foundation for a nation! Despite several school districts around the country trying to indoctrinate youngsters into believing that the first Thanksgiving was an expression of gratitude on the part of the Pilgrims toward the Indians, most Americans still recognize the truth. The first settlers were profoundly religious and, in a gesture that perfectly matches the Jewish principal of expressing gratitude to God, they established a day of Thanksgiving. This is no different from the prayers said by Jews immediately upon waking each morning which thanks the Almighty for restoring our soul to us. Religious people always seek opportunity to express gratitude, first because it is the correct and moral thing to do. Second, we do so because gratitude is a wonderful gateway to optimism and hope. In a way not found among other nations, Americans are comfortable and not self-conscious about thanking God for our many blessing. This is one of the most obvious examples of the family resemblance between modern America and ancient Israel.
In closing, let me suggest a speech Rabbi Lapin made July 4, 2009 at Cedar Park. Click on the Cedar Park link on the page that opens. If you like the speech you will like the book.

New and Invasive Searches!

Brought to You by Arrogance and Contempt.

Airport "Security"? by Thomas Sowell
"Security" may be the excuse being offered for the outrageous things being done to American air travelers, but the heavy-handed arrogance and contempt for ordinary people that is the hallmark of this administration in other areas is all too painfully apparent in these new and invasive airport procedures.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Simply Smashing

I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

I Concur

Jindal: Time to Stop Apologizing for America
The federal government has to face the fact the War on Terror is about enemies who hate the U.S. way of life, not about social justice, he said.

For Your Amusement

On a related note: Speed is Life
I was flying the SR-71 out of RAF Mildenhall, England, with my back-seater, Walt Watson; we were returning from a mission over Europe and the Iron Curtain when we received a radio transmission from home base. As we scooted across Denmark in three minutes, we learned that a small RAF base in the English countryside had requested an SR-71 flypast. The air cadet commander there was a former Blackbird pilot, and thought it would be a motivating moment for the young lads to see the mighty SR-71 perform a low approach. No problem, we were happy to do it. After a quick aerial refueling over the North Sea, we proceeded to find the small airfield.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chris Christie for the Win

Sittin' Pretty?

The horrible truth starts to dawn on Europe's leaders

The entire European Project is now at risk of disintegration, with strategic and economic consequences that are very hard to predict.

You've Got to Be Kidding Me!

Napolitano considering allowing Muslim women to pat themselves down at Airports!

The head of Homeland Security has indicated the government is considering the request of an Islamic organization that has suggested Muslim women be allowed to pat themselves down during a full body search that is part of new enhanced procedures at airports.
It's time for Janet Napolitano to resign.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Systematic, Foundational Destruction

It didn't begin with him, but it had better stop with him. For everyone's sake.

Halfway Between Sanity and Bedlam

If, by now, you have seen a pattern of public policy that has staggered back and forth between sanity and bedlam, you are not alone. The first two years of the Obama administration has systematically destroyed confidence in America from within and without.

I Don't Care What Anyone Says...

I like Sarah Palin. Check out these short sample videos of Sarah Palin's Alaska.

Great stuff.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quote of the Day

Can't the TSA just put up a sign "Bomb free zone"? It's supposed to work with schools.

--Frank J

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting Rich By Screwing America

Members of US Congress Get Richer Despite Sour Economy

Despite a long and deep recession, the collective personal wealth of congressional members increased by more than 16 percent between 2008 and 2009, according to a study released Wednesday by the Center for Responsive Politics.

The study also indicates that a significant number of members owned shares of major players in the health-care and financial-services sectors, which were the subject of major reform legislation during the period.

The findings—based on federal financial disclosure data released earlier this year—paint a wealthy bunch in Congress, with more than half of all members—261—were millionaires.

All in All You Are All Just Bricks in the Wall

Another Glenn Beck homerun, at least as far as I'm concerned.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What the Hell is QE2?

Because what you don't know can hurt you. We would be better off with clowns.

People, get ready.

The Most Important Hour on Television

Watch Glenn Beck here. Archived shows available.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I Hope He Can Read

Brazil tests literacy of clown elected to Congress

No, not Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi, a real circus clown. I think they are better off.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Heart of the Matter

It's More Than Just Politics

The easy critique is to blame our duly elected officials for the sad state in which we find ourselves, but I tend to agree with the French political philosopher Joseph de Maistre who posited that "every nation has the government that it deserves."

I found an intriguing little story tucked away in one of the biblical history books, appended to II Samuel almost as an afterthought. The passage begins like this:

"Again the anger of the Lord was aroused against Israel, and he moved David against them ... ."

Herein is a strange statement: God is angry with the people, so he arouses the king to do something stupid.

Some Are More Equal Than Others

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What We Believe, Part 6: Immigration

With Bill Whittle

Chevrolet Runs Deep ... in BS

What's driving Obama's subsidies of Chevy's Volt?

General Motors, an appendage of the government, which owns 61 percent of it, is spending some of your money, dear reader, on full-page newspaper ads praising a government brainstorm - the Volt, Chevrolet's highly anticipated and prematurely celebrated (sort of) electric car. Although the situation is murky - GM and its government masters probably prefer it that way - it is unclear in what sense GM has any money that is truly its own. And the Volt is not quite an electric car, or not the sort GM deliberately misled Americans into expecting.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

America's Worst Generation - Generation Self-Esteem

We even have a President infected with this.

American education has led the way in the quest to find and fill the new Holy Grail. Despite a plethora of information showing that high self-esteem is undesirable, American education clings tenaciously to the myth that the higher the child's self-esteem, the better will be his school performance. That myth is belied by the steady drop in academic achievement levels over the the past forty years, it is further smashed by research findings to the effect that individuals with high self-esteem perform consistently lower than expected by their ability levels not to mention lower than they think they are performing. That's because people with high self-esteem possess an entitlement mentality; they believe that anything they do is worthy of merit. As a consequence, they rarely do their best at anything.

--John Rosemond, Parenting by the Book

Related articles by John Rosemond:

High Self-Esteem for Kids a Sham

Why Child Psychology Is Damaging

Friday, November 12, 2010

Can't Ya See I'm Fallin' For Ya?

Funniest guys ever.

How Soros Became the Man He Is

If you haven't been watching Glenn Beck lately you are missing a lot.

Who Falls Asleep on a Surfboard in the Ocean?

That would be Dick Van Dyke. Not to worry, he was pushed ashore by porpoises. It's a good thing, too, it saves us from the perpetual question: "Hey, whatever happened to Dick Van Dyke?" "No one knows."

Seriously, I'm glad he's OK. I could never sufficiently relax enough to fall asleep on a surfboard while floating in the ocean. Maybe thanks to Jaws, who knows.

Endangered Species: Real Men

Smokestack Lightening

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Glenn Beck is a "Fascist Whore"

Apparently. According to some communists.

From the Religion of Peace and Tolerance Cult of Death and Mobbery

Christian woman sentenced to death for Jesus talk
"In Pakistan, it's a very complicated situation. Let's say the court acquits her, it's not going to be enough for Asia and her family to live freely. The Muslim world is going to carry out its own vigilante justice against her," he said. "Even if the higher court releases her, Asia and her family face the reality of possibly being killed by the Muslim mobs.

America Under Seige

Background guide to George Soros

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TSA Seriously Out of Control

The Courage to Be Free

Do we have the courage to live in a world where not everyone wins, where not every bad event is caused by a villain, where our every want is not necessarily the responsibility of someone else? And do any of the leaders among us have the courage to forge this more American — but more arduous — path, even in the face of opponents who pander to our worst desires and fears?

--Tony Woodlief

Birth Pangs

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

What's Wrong With Charlie Crist?

Charlie Crist Battles To Pardon Jim Morrison

Gov. Charlie Crist says he's still thinking about a pardon for long-dead rocker Jim Morrison, a Florida native who died nearly 40 years ago in a Paris bathtub at age 27

Crist said Tuesday he wanted to discuss that possibility with Cabinet members before formally taking up the issue. It would require the governor to get another vote from the four-member panel.

Crist is wasting taxpayer dollars. Not only is Jim Morrison dead, but his conviction was for public nudity - this is so completely a non-issue but one that illustrates why Crist is out of a job at the end of his term. Should be sooner for even considering this.

Threat Management

This is the first of a series of videos put out by Ruger. Good stuff here.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Why the 2nd Ammendment?

Part of Bill Whittle's excellent "What We Believe" series.

Protect Yourself, No One Else is Guaranteed to Be There When You Need Them

Thieves impersonating evangelicals prompt woman, 70, to teach gun safety
Sylvia Hall had never used her handgun for protection until the morning four strange men appeared at her doorstep impersonating evangelicals.

"We want to read the Bible to you," they said when she answered the door.

Hall said no. They insisted, and one of them began to push on the screen door and force himself in.

That's when Hall pulled out her Smith & Wesson, which scared them off.

That day two years ago was when Hall, who lives in Centerfield, began a mission to teach women in Oldham and surrounding counties to protect themselves using handguns.

"Women shouldn't be afraid in their own homes," Hall said. "They ought to be able to protect themselves."
Everyone ought to be able to protect themselves, especially in their own homes. Shame on those states that make it difficult or impossible.

Distorted Driven

Obama says "Islam distorted by a few extremists"
Asserting that Islam embodied a religion of peace, fairness and tolerance, U.S. President Barack Obama said here on Sunday that the religion was being "distorted" by a few extremists.
That's funny, because Islam has been pretty much a "convert or die" religion since its inception about 1400 years ago.

Seems to me the "few" are the ones who drive the religion and the peaceful Muslims are the ones who just do what they need to do to not be killed by the "few."

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Hat tip: Maggie's Farm

Rent is Too Damn High Song

Rent Is Too Damn High Autotuned - Watch more Funny Videos

Where "Money Drains, Power Drains"

Kevin Libin: What do the U.S. mid-term elections, China and Omar Khadr have in common? Mark Steyn knows

For one, he believes latest economic crisis represents "the first great demographic recession." The scheme of Western nations to gorge on entitlement programs financed by debt to be paid for by children that, diminishing birth rates prove will not materialize, is rapidly unravelling.

"The entire Western world has for some time now voted itself a lifestyle it is not willing to pay for," he says. The riots in Greece and France are the refusal of those societies to give up their freebies. In the United States, the interest payments on public debt borrowed from Beijing will in just five years be so large as to finance the entire budget of the Red Army which, it so happens, is becoming increasingly muscular in challenging American dominance in the Indian and Pacific oceans and the sea routes to the Middle East.

"This is the most ridiculous moment in global history where the dying empire is, in effect, funding the dominance of the would-be successor power."

Where "money drains, power drains," he argues, noting the way Washington strong-armed even its friend and ally, Britain, over the Suez Crisis, refusing to help prevent a run on the pound. China is neither a friend nor ally and it has, he believes, an interest in seizing its own Suez moment quickly and powerfully: It's own demographic pinch-point looms only a few decades away.

What happened in the U.S. mid-term elections, however, was evidence, he believes, that Americans still value their survival over the ballooning handouts that make them vulnerable to decline.

"They've looked at their situation and decided in the last two years, Obama made the drift of recent decades explicit, and a lot of Americans woke up to that and decided they didn’t like where they were drifting to," he says. "America was the only country in the Western world where, over the last two years, millions of people have taken to the streets and said ‘we could do just fine if you, the government, would just get the hell out of our pockets and stay out.' "

Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Grand Illusion

Obama to use teleprompter for Hindi speech

"We thought Obama is a trained orator and skilled in the art of mass address with his continuous eye contact,"

Americans Vote for Maturity by Peggy Noonan

Speaking of Obama, she says:
His detachment is so great, it is even from himself. As he spoke, he seemed to be narrating from a remove. It was like hearing the audiobook of Volume I of his presidential memoirs. "Obama was frustrated. He honestly didn't understand what the country was doing. It was as if they had compulsive hand-washing disorder. In '08 they washed off Bush. Now they're washing off Obama. There he is, swirling down the drain! It's all too dramatic, too polar. The morning after the election it occurred to him: maybe he should take strong action. Maybe he should fire America! They did well in 2008, but since then they've been slipping. They weren't giving him the followership he needed. But that wouldn't work, they'd only complain. He had to keep his cool. His aides kept telling him, 'Show humility.' But they never told him what humility looked like. What was he supposed to do, burst into tears and say hit me? Not knowing how to feel humility or therefore show humility he decided to announce humility: He found the election 'humbling,' he said."
She makes a great point in this article regarding what kind of person we should look to elect:
Ronald Reagan was an artist who willed himself into leadership as president of a major American labor union (Screen Actors Guild, seven terms, 1947-59.) He led that union successfully through major upheavals (the Hollywood communist wars, labor-management struggles); discovered and honed his ability to speak persuasively by talking to workers on the line at General Electric for eight years; was elected to and completed two full terms as governor of California; challenged and almost unseated an incumbent president of his own party; and went on to popularize modern conservative political philosophy without the help of a conservative infrastructure. Then he was elected president.

The point is not "He was a great man and you are a nincompoop," though that is true. The point is that Reagan's career is a guide, not only for the tea party but for all in politics. He brought his fully mature, fully seasoned self into politics with him. He wasn't in search of a life when he ran for office, and he wasn't in search of fame; he'd already lived a life, he was already well known, he'd accomplished things in the world.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

As the Pendulum Swings

Now what? by Atlas Shrugs

What has the government done with the untold wealth they looted from the American people other than sucking much needed capital out of our free society to pay off their thugs, crooks, and corrupt organizations, and get-out-the-vote community organizations?

Government is not the answer -- it destroys everything it touches. We must take back the culture, because politics is merely a reflection of the culture. The left has the culture in a choke hold. They demonize the successful and hardworking and exalt failures, moochers and looters -- an inverted moral priority.

Our victory is the beginning of the 40 years war -- who is with me?
There is nothing to do but continue the fight, continue to walk toward the light and out of the darkness. It's not over by a long shot.

Seeing is Believing

Ninja Hamster

Monday, November 01, 2010

This Guy Knows How to Take Charge and Get Things Done

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie calls Jon Corzine quintessential limousine liberal Democrat in America

We need clones.

There Will Always Be An Eng ... Oh, Nevermind

Swimming champion, 10, banned from wearing goggles

Alex Crossland-Robins, who has won more than 50 medals and trophies, was told he could not wear the goggles under health and safety guidelines.

The move came despite a sign in the swimming baths which reads: "Goggles and swim caps are always a good idea to protect your eyes and hair from chlorine."
Not only is England vying for ultimate nanny state, but not being satisfied with that they are throwing their hat in the ring for ultimate randomly mad nanny state. The new motto will be "Shut up, that's why."