Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Roof

I should have finished the roof today but they said it was going to rain early today and I stayed home. I was really beat anyway. I only have a little more to go, I can't wait to finish, it really is beating me up to do that after working all night. Yesterday I got maybe 2 hours of sleep and that after working up there till I couldn't work anymore. I don't recommend replacing a roof by yourself.


I've discover that when you are ripping CD's to your computer (Windows XP) you can't do anything else. Well, you can, but any sound that the computer makes is recorded on the music file. I didn't think that would happen with a direct rip, but it happened to me. I was using Windows Media Player 10.

Take Two Aspirin

This guy woke up with a bullet in his tongue. A woman stuck a gun barrel in his mouth during a dispute that night and pulled the trigger, then he went home to sleep. Something seems weird about this story. Something.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Let God Work It Out

Last week Irma had to have an operation to remove a small lump in her breast. They rushed the operation and did it Friday. She is OK and it turned out to be nothing serious. But I was expecting a very important Fedex late in the week and it didn't come Thursday, so Friday was the day it would come. I couldn't be home, I had to spend the day in the hospital. I didn't want them to leave it on the porch and didn't want to wait over the weekend but what could I do? Whatever.

My neighbor across the street is never home. I don't think they are really neighbors, every few months they show up and do a little work around the yard and disappear for another couple of months. Well, I'm bringing Irma home late in the afternoon and here comes the neighbor walking up the driveway with my package. Wow, cool. But, where'd he come from. He just happened to show up on Friday - I have not seen him nor has anyone been in that house for at least two months. He worked there Friday and Saturday and disappeared again. Thank you, neighbor. And thanks to God for bringing him to the house Friday. It worked out perfectly. Not to mention nothing was wrong with Irma, thank God for that as well.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Son of Divorce

I can't even begin to tell you how important this essay is to America. Everyone should read and understand what it is saying - and take heed. Unfortunately, we have been so deluded and most of what we believe are lies. This essay tells the truth about divorce.

"Marriage forces us to face ourselves."

One thing people can't do very well is take a good, hard, honest look at themselves. They can't handle it because it means they will have to admit fault and start the long, hard process of change. Most Bible owners don't really read the Bible for that very reason. The Bible is a mirror into the deepest recesses of your heart. But this essay is not about the Bible, it is about the truth of divorce. Face it.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Peterbilt Ford, Revisited

A lot of people seem to like this truck, so here's another shot of it. I have some more detailed pictures and I'm glad I got them because I haven't seen it around in a while. Perhaps I'll post them another time.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Rain. Again.

After all the rain last week I was able to get over to the roof I have been replacing yesterday. I removed all the shingles from the other side of the roof. Today, the plan was to begin replacing the sheathing. I watched the weather reports last night and this morning. They even have a graphic and gave a thumbs up for outside work today. The rain was supposed to start in the late afternoon. So, I went over there around 10am and lifted 4 sheets of plywood to the roof to begin replacing them. I removed the tarp from a section of the roof and it suddenly began pouring rain. The car windows were open, my car was getting soaked, the new plywood was getting soaked, I was getting soaked. I quickly got the tarp back on, closed the windows in the car and put a tarp over the now wet plywood. It has been rainy ever since.

I would really love to be able to trust a weather report araound here. I wonder what the excuse will be?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Here's a Tuff One

A 17 year old is pregnant and wants an abortion, but she wants to do it herself. Why, I don't know. Her boyfriend helps. When the authorities find out the boyfriend is prosecuted and sentanced to life imprisonment, the girl cannot be prosecuted because of her right to an abortion.

What a mess we have made of our legal system.

I Like Fish ...

But not this much.

"During the search, customs officers became suspicious after hearing 'flipping' noises coming from the vicinity of her waist," said the statement.

People will smuggle anything.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Here's James and Eric eating your birthday cake. Happy birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy birthday Mom! James sends his love and said he wants to send you a Godzilla movie.

See what else happened today in history. You have to select the day youself, they don't let you link directly to the day.

Friday, June 03, 2005

European Union

Here's an interesting commentary on the recent upset of the European constitution: Betrayed ... By the French!

My German colleagues were all teary eyed today. All voiced their resentment of "another French betrayal." Make no mistake about it, the majority of Germans continue to hold the French in contempt, and display antipathy for anything French. Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schroder may appear on television as "best buddies," but the typical German man or woman on the street harbors no love for the French. One young German man that I know told me, "Sabotaging the EU Constitution is a serious betrayal to the German nation, and the whole of Europe. We won't soon forget this, but we should have known. Afterall, we are dealing with France here. The French are our traditional enemies."

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Gonna Drink and Drive?

Do it in Seminole County, Fl. Just take the breath-alcohol test and when you get to court, ask for the software source code of the breath-alcohal machine and you will be aquitted. Simple as that. Amazing.

Aaahh, No.

EU Superpower Hopes May Be Ruined

Wishful thinking. The E.U. may be down but it is not out. It will come back slimmer and more powerful.


This week has been rained out here in central Florida. Monday was a beautiful day, but that's all. No work on the roof this week. This week is also tax free week for hurricane supply purchases. Irma wants to get a generator and so, I guess we will. I don't really want to think of another hurricane right now.

James just wants to play outside even if it is raining. It's more fun for him. He takes advantage of every opportunity to get out.