Thursday, June 09, 2005

Rain. Again.

After all the rain last week I was able to get over to the roof I have been replacing yesterday. I removed all the shingles from the other side of the roof. Today, the plan was to begin replacing the sheathing. I watched the weather reports last night and this morning. They even have a graphic and gave a thumbs up for outside work today. The rain was supposed to start in the late afternoon. So, I went over there around 10am and lifted 4 sheets of plywood to the roof to begin replacing them. I removed the tarp from a section of the roof and it suddenly began pouring rain. The car windows were open, my car was getting soaked, the new plywood was getting soaked, I was getting soaked. I quickly got the tarp back on, closed the windows in the car and put a tarp over the now wet plywood. It has been rainy ever since.

I would really love to be able to trust a weather report araound here. I wonder what the excuse will be?

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