Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Bit of a Laugh

Funniest news stories of 2006

The World Is A Better Place Today

Minutely so, perhaps, but better. Saddam Hussein is finally dead. They should have pulled him up dead from the hole they found him hiding in, but what can you do. This is not a cause for celebration, it's just something that desperately needed doing for the sake of justice. The fear that many in Iraq felt of his returning to power is gone. It's time to forget him and move on.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Godfather of Soul

An American icon, James Brown has died. He was 73 years old. He went fast, last I heard, at 10:30pm on Dec 24, he was in just hospitalized for pneumonia.

In the news

Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm Allergic to Crowds

I had to mail a package the other day and was, of course, dreading going to the post office because of the long lines. Usually I stop on my way home from work, around 7:30am, and use the self-service computer - whatever they call it. That day there was a line of about 7 people, I didn't have time to wait.

I decided to go before picking up the kids from school so I woke up early and headed to a satellite office nearby. As I walked in the only other customer was walking out, I didn't have to wait at all. Yeah! I drove over to Advance Auto Parts to dispose of some used oil and they just took the oil from me - in my disposable containers - I didn't have to dump it myself, as is usually the case. Great.

Irma wanted me to drop off a deposit at the bank so I headed over there, again, no line, just drove up and got it done. This was getting bizarre. I then went over to Home Depot to make a payment and there was no line there either. I thought this was the busiest shopping week of the year, what was going on?

I love this kind of day! I wonder if online shopping is cutting the crowds at the stores?

You May Need to Know

How to Care for a Donkey

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wake-Up Call Looming?

Doesn't matter, some people just will not hear it. Hit the snooze.

International moral relativism

As I have pointed out more than once, Israel has proven it would only use nuclear weapons in a last-resort defense of its population. Yet, Israel's enemies, personified by the suicide bombers who attack it relentlessly, would likely not even hesitate to use nuclear weapons if they ever had the chance.

But in our politically correct, multicultural world today, it is wrong to recognize differences between people - even when they are openly espousing diametrically opposite views and acting in completely different ways.

I don't expect a single moral relativist reading this column to agree with me about this. It's almost a litmus test. If you can't tell the difference between Israel and Iran, you are a moral relativist. If you can't see that Israel, with all its faults, represents a basic sort of decency and civility in the world, while Iran represents the opposite, then congratulations, you're a moral relativist. Or, maybe you're just plain evil - like the leaders of Iran.

Most of the world - or at least its leaders - fall into one of these two categories: moral relativist or evil. That's what makes out world so dangerous. And, increasingly, more Americans are falling into one of these two categories.

These people think they are making the world a safer, more secure place by advocating their foolhardy, tried-and-failed positions and attempting to impose their nebulous and evolving ideas. In fact, they are throwing gasoline on fires all over the globe.

These people also think - or say they think - that talking about our disagreements can almost always lead to resolution. Unfortunately, if you comprehend this simple message today, you need to know that these people may as well live in a parallel universe.

They cannot hear you. They do not have the ability to discern truth from lies. They no longer can discern right from wrong. They can't tell the difference between black and white, up and down, right from left. They cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy.

That is the essence of our times. That is the definition of international moral relativism. That is the world in which we live.

Danger, Danger, Danger

Here's a couple of cool posts about the most dangerous roads in the world. Great pictures, as close as I want to be to these roads. The Chinese road in part 2 is awesome.

Part 1

Part 2

Monday, December 18, 2006


Every red, white and blue blooded American will want to hear this Born to Win program by Ron Dart: Gettysburg

A new page will open, right click on Gettysburg and save as ... to download.

It's a fascinating look at freedom and the price that must be paid to maintain it and it will only be available to download for a limited time.

12/19 - Sorry, looks like it's gone now.

If You Look Like Santa

... don't go to Walt Disney World. They'll kick you out.

I've seen people who look like Santa before, and that's just the way they look. They can't help it. I guess they could shave but they have every right not to. I have an idea, don't go to Disney.

Quote of the Day

...most people want to believe rather than to know, to take for granted rather than to find out -- James Thurber

Friday, December 15, 2006

I Thought Hot Particles Were Non-Migratory

This is interesting and not surprising.

Detailed observations from the first comet samples returned to Earth are debunking some of science's long-held beliefs on how the icy, celestial bodies form.

And how do they think they formed now?

Hot particles from the inner solar system migrated out to the cold, outer fringes beyond Pluto where they intermingled and congealed to form a comet.

Just before deciding which path they should take through the solar system.

What does that mean anyway? "Hot particles from the inner solar system migrated out to the cold, outer fringes?" Is the solar system made up of different elements in the inner and outer portions? I never knew that. Are they still hot particles when they migrate to the cold, outer fringes - is that the difference? Or do they become cold particles. How and why do they migrate? And what do you mean "migrate?" You mean like geese?

Why can't they just say they don't really know?

Snoozing While Intoxicated

A potentially lethal pastime.

Video Editing

I had been using Windows Movie Maker to edit videos for YouTube but I've run into some snags. It's just not up to the task. You can't burn a DVD is the first problem, but I was able to get around it. My latest video I did a lot of editing and Movie Maker just couldn't handle it at all. I couldn't complete the movie and it started crashing.

Too bad. I kinda liked it because it's easy to use, but it won't get the job done. I downloaded Adobe Premiere Elements and Ulead Video Studio to tryout.

I don't know which one I like best. It takes time to get to know them and I don't have time to play with them all day. I've been leaning towards Adobe.

Anyway, I was able to get the video done. I should say redone. Here it is.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

3 Million Bees!

3 Million Bees Removed From Kitchen Of Couple's Apartment

They knew about the bees for 2-1/2 years and only now get around to getting them out? Weird.

"So we're trying to, like, get rid of most of them, but without professional help we can't. So now we almost ... They're biting me!'" Molina screamed, running from the home during an interview with reporters.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sounds Like U.S.

He gives greatness to the nations, and destroys them. He spreads out the nations, and leads them away.

He takes away the heart of the chief of the people of the land, and causes them to wander in a wilderness where there is no path.

They grope in the dark without light, and He makes them to stagger like a drunkard.
Job 12:23-25 MKJV

Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Islam is the New Giant of the World"

Terrorists rejoicing over new Iraq 'plan'

"[With the Iraq Study Group report], the Americans came to the conclusion that Islam is the new giant of the world and it would be clever to reduce hostilities with this giant. In the Quran the principle of the rotation is clear and according to this principle the end of the Americans and of all non-believers is getting closer," Abu Ayman said.

"It is not just a simple victory. It is a great one. The big superpower of the world is defeated by a small group of mujahedeen (fighters). Did you see the mujahedeens' clothes and weapons in comparison with the huge individual military arsenal and supply that was carrying every American soldier?" exclaimed Abu Abdullah,

Abu Abdullah said following a withdrawal from Iraq, the U.S. will be defeated on its own soil.

Wow, way to go Dems! That took no time at all. Way to sacrifice our nation on the alter of false peace.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

...And Darkness, They Call Light.

Living in the New Dark Ages

The word tolerance sounds great, but this is really tolerance with a twist; it demands that everyone has a right to express his or her own views as long as those views do not contain any suggestion of absolutes that would compete with the prevailing standard of relativism.

Usually those who promote tolerance the loudest also proclaim that the motives of religious people are suspect and that, therefore, their views on any matter must be disqualified. Strangely, socialists, Nazis, sadomasochists, pedophiles, spiritualists, or worshipers of Mother earth would not be excluded. Their right to free expression would be vigorously defended by the same cultural elite who are so easily offended when Christians or other religious people express their views.

But this paradoxical intolerance produces an even deeper consequence than silencing an unpopular point of view, for it completely transforms the nature of debate, public discussion, and consensus in society. Without root in some transcendent standard, ethical judgments become merely expressions of feelings or preference. "Murder is wrong" must be translated "I hate murder" or "I prefer that you not murder." Thus, moral claims are reduced to the level of opinion.

Opponents grow further and further apart, differing on a level so fundamental that they are unable even to communicate. When moral judgments are based on feelings alone, compromise becomes impossible. Politics can no longer be based on consensus, for consensus presupposes that competing moral claims can be evaluated according to some common standard. Politics is transformed into civil war, further evidence that the barbarians are winning.

Proponents of a public square sanitized of moral judgments purport that it assures neutrality among contending moral factions and guarantees certain basic civil rights. This sounds enlightened and eminently fair. In reality, however, it assures victory for one side of the debate and assures defeat of those with a moral structure based on a transcendent standard.

Historically, moral restraints deeply ingrained in the public consciousness provided the protective shield for individual rights and liberties. But in today's relativistic environment that shield can be easily penetrated. Whenever some previously unthinkable innovation is both technically possible and desirable to some segment of the population, it can be, and usually will be, adopted. The process is simple. First some practice so offensive it can hardly be discussed is advocated by some expert. Shock gives way to outrage, then to debate, and when what was once a crime becomes a debate, that debate usually ushers the act into common practice. Thus decadence becomes accepted. History has proven it over and over.

Massie On Sharpton

Lights, camera... Sharpton

I find it interesting that these people continue to demand that police be held accountable, but when will they hold themselves and their own accountable? Why is it they don't give a twit about black gang bangers killing one another, they certainly don't care about black gang bangers murdering police, as evidenced by their proud indifference to the murders of Andrews and Nemorin. Why aren't Sharpton and the so-called leaders in those housing projects identifying gangs and working with police to rid their neighborhoods of that element? Wouldn't a real man of God be more interested in reaching the people and neighborhood for Jesus than he would be in hustling the police department and mayor for filthy lucre? But then, I guess I answer my own question.

And along those same lines, this is good, too: No, the Cops Didn't Murder Sean Bell

"Stop the killing!" Since 1993, 11,353 people have been murdered in New York City. The large majority of victims and perpetrators have been black. Not a single one of those black-on-black killings has prompted protest or demonstrations from the city's black advocates. Sharpton, Barron, et al. are happy to let thousands of black victims get mowed down by thugs without so much as a whispered call for "peace" or "justice"; it's only when a police officer, trying to protect the public, makes a good faith mistake in a moment of intense pressure that they rise as vindicators of black life. (As for caring about slain police officers, forget about it. Sixteen cops-including several black policemen-have been killed since 1999, not one of whom elicited a public demonstration of condolence from the race hustlers.)

A Day in the Life

I didn't get a lot of sleep today. I took the kids to school and went to bed, but at 12:30 I heard Joshua talking. I thought I was dreaming, he's in school. I heard it again, it turns out he was at the bedroom window.

"Dad, Open the door" he's saying.

"What? What are you doing here?" I said, trying to figure out if I'm awake.

He told me James was sick. Irma was sick Monday and James was getting a cough, so I half expected it. But why was Joshua here, where was James and why didn't the school call me?

He said I didn't answer the phone. - I keep my cellphone next to the bed, it didn't ring. I'm not even awake yet, "They called me, didn't get an answer and sent you home anyway?" He says, "Yes, open the door."

My head is spinning. How does a school let your kids walk home without your permission and without even knowing if your home? What the hell is that?

I got up and dragged myself to the door, half naked. I opened the door and - Hello - there's one of the teachers standing there. Joshua neglected to tell me that part.

She said they called but they called the wrong number (???) and they let Joshua come home so he could babysit James while I sleep. Thanks for thinking about me. I didn't sleep again. I also looked on caller ID, no one called, they called the wrong number all right, good thing it wasn't an emergency.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How to Eat Sushi

This is crazy. Just eat and enjoy. If someone is offended because you left a grain or two of rice on your plate or put down your chopsticks wrong, they have serious issues. Don't be a pig, but just eat and enjoy your food. Just don't let me catch you using the wrong fork for your salad.

When I lived in Japan I was told to always leave a little food on your plate so they will know you are finished. Otherwise they will think you want more. Go figure.