Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dedicated to the Obama Administration

Economic Fascism

Why Are the Medical Insurance Companies Silent?
President Obama is now trying to shift the blame for millions of canceled policies onto the insurance companies. You would expect them to defend themselves. But they don’t, either because they are too deep in the deal or too intimidated– or both.

Thanks to Obamacare's passage, the federal government has much more control over them than during the Clinton administration. They have in effect become government sponsored and controlled entities, and the days of their speaking out publicly against their federal overlords are over.

Do the insurance companies like the crony capitalist arrangements they have become party to, or do they think they have no choice but to go along?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Friday, November 08, 2013

Hell Yes, It's an Illusion...

It's unfortunate that so many want so badly to believe it.

Liberalism, the Decline of an Illusion
Liberalism as practiced in today's America is a chimera, not actually an ideology but an alliance of interest groups controlled by elites for the preservation of their (the elites') wealth and power. The interest groups often seem to be working against their own advantage by being so affiliated (e. g. African-Americans are in the worst shape in years under Obama), but not the elites who have been able to thrive. These elites are also able to appear altruistic to themselves and others while behaving in manners that are hideously selfish and atrocious to the common good. Liberalism is not so much an ideology in our society as it is a shield, a defense mechanism for a lifestyle.
He's certainly got that right. I hope he's right about it being in decline, every time I start thinking it is, Democrats win more elections. How anyone in their right mind can vote for a Democrat is beyond me and the only reason to vote for most Republicans is because a vote for a third party splits the vote giving the Democrat the win. We need to get over that third party hump.