Wednesday, July 31, 2013

If This Was in New York, the Guy Would be Dead.

Alaska man kills charging bear with assault rifle
Department of Fish and Game wildlife biologist Jessy Coltrane tells the Anchorage Daily News that an unidentified man came across the bear Sunday morning while hiking alone. He told Coltrane the bear charged him, and he fired 13 rounds from an AK-74 assault [my edit] rifle he was carrying on his hike
It's not exactly a bear rifle, but it did the job.

Friday, July 26, 2013

We Choose to Be Blind

Insightful Glenn Beck speech at Christians United for Israel. Very moving. I almost passed it up, glad I didn't.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

This Can't Be Good

HUD's New 'Fair Housing' Rule Establishes Diversity Data for Every Neighborhood in U.S.
To ensure that "every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of," HUD has published a new fair-housing regulation intended to give people access to better neighborhoods than the ones they currently live in.
When the government calls something "fair," it will be anything but. Will they be moving excess blue state voters into red state areas to create another way to lock in votes for Democrats? Bet on it.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Massad Ayoob Explains Stand Your Ground Laws

Please listen to this, especially if you own a gun, but everyone should understand the concept.

Friday, July 19, 2013


"The President said that the nation must address the problems faced by young black males."
As president of the nation, Obama is exasperating the problems faced by young black males by giving tacit approval to the violence often perpetrated by them. White America can do practically nothing to influence that culture of violence, especially when it is not condemned by black "leaders." In fact, these leaders often use this violence to their own ends, as Obama is doing now. Obama is driving a wedge deeper into the heart of America. Obama's solution is to take the ability of the law abiding to protect themselves from the violence away so the violent don't get hurt while they give us a "whoop ass." That's not a solution and it's not acceptable. There's no good reason for any of this, but here we go.

"Truth stumbles in the streets, and honesty has been outlawed." --Isaiah 59:14
Truthfully, Isaiah 59 could have been written for us. The shoe fits.

Quote of the Day

"Detroit is an outlier only in the sense that it got to where it is now first. It is the logical endpoint of Democratic left wing social and economic policy." - Mark Steyn

A Republic, If You Can Keep It

This is what they need to teach in our schools.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Still Lying

"Star Witness" Jeantel says cracka is used to describe police or security - not an insult to white people.
"Let's talk about creepy ass cracker," Morgan said. "People have said that that is a phrase used by black people, cracker, to describe a white person, is that true?"

"No," Jeantel replied.

"How do you spell it first of all," an apparently curious Morgan asked. It was determined the word is spelled "cracka."

Jeantel said the word "cracka" is used to describe someone who "acts like they are police" or a "security guard."
So when Trayvon attacked Zimmerman he thought he was attacking a police or security officer?

Urban Dictionary says: cracka
A term used to insult white people. Has become more popular recently as the opposite of nigger.

was a term slaves used to identify the slave driver with the whip, because of the sound the whip made.

A defamatory statement from the 1970s, primarily used for caucasion males. See also honkey and jive turkey.

A white person. Derived from the -CRACK- sound of a whip hitting someone in slavery times. Sometimes used as a mild insult from a black person to a white person(1) but sometimes a term of endearment.
whitey; honkey; typically used as a slur against a disliked white person.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Ban the Schools!

This is an interesting article on the cause of school shootings, probably closer to the truth than anything else I've heard.

Ban Schools, Not Guns
The easier we made school for kids, turning classrooms into laboratories of compulsory leftist social engineering, the more kids hated it—some to the point of homicide.
Read the article to find out how she arrived at that conclusion.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Yes, the World is Going Crazy

Hitler Fried Chicken in Thailand. Yes, that Hitler. Franchises available?

Soccer fans in Brazil draw and quarter the referee after the ref stabbed and killed a player. Yeah, guns are pretty much controlled in Brazil.