Friday, October 11, 2002

Today was Joshua's last day at government school. He was supposed to bring home the supplies that we bought for him with our very own money that we work for. When I picked him up he said his teacher wouldn't let him bring them home and he couldn't give me a satisfactory answer why. So I parked and told him to go get his supplies. He came back and said his teacher was holding them until he brought back his library books. That sounded reasonable even though she could have said that before. I didn't know he left them home. We went home, he got his books and went back to the school. He gave the teacher his books and then she said he still couldn't have his supplies. Now she said we have to go to the office and fill out some paperwork to transfer him to another school. Well, they are his supplies, we obviously can't just keep him home from school without taking care of all that. I was told it was taken care of already but if not it certainly will be, that's no excuse to keep his crayons.
So, if we don't get him transferred he can't have his crayons. That's current state of the art for keeping kids in school! I hate government schools! The government doesn't do anything right, nothing! I have worked for the government and I know the attitudes and work habits people get when they work it. Happy flying everyone!

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