Monday, November 11, 2002

Website of the day: Veterans Day Homepage

Here's a cool site:

I spent the better part of the morning replacing the blower motor in the dashboard of our VW Eurovan. Actually if I did it according to the manual I would still be out there.
When they design these things can't they put a little thought into the fact that someone will have to replace it someday?
Friday I tried to replace the CV boots but the CV joints don't come off except with a special tool that you can't buy anywhere. I finally found a place: Samstag Sales
The only problem is I have to wait 3 or 4 weeks for the backordered part. When I put it back together the tie rod end wouldn't tighten and kept spinning in the joint. So I tried to buy a tie rod end. Can't buy just a tie rod end for this van, have to buy the whole assembly. Don't ever buy a Volkswagen thinking you are buying an economy vehicle. Those days are long gone! If I didn't do the work myself I'd been in for a bill of a least $1500.00 for what I've done, or tried to do so far. Sometimes I wish a tree would fall on it or something. If it wasn't for Samstag I would be out there cutting the tree down myself.

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