Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Massie On Sharpton

Lights, camera... Sharpton

I find it interesting that these people continue to demand that police be held accountable, but when will they hold themselves and their own accountable? Why is it they don't give a twit about black gang bangers killing one another, they certainly don't care about black gang bangers murdering police, as evidenced by their proud indifference to the murders of Andrews and Nemorin. Why aren't Sharpton and the so-called leaders in those housing projects identifying gangs and working with police to rid their neighborhoods of that element? Wouldn't a real man of God be more interested in reaching the people and neighborhood for Jesus than he would be in hustling the police department and mayor for filthy lucre? But then, I guess I answer my own question.

And along those same lines, this is good, too: No, the Cops Didn't Murder Sean Bell

"Stop the killing!" Since 1993, 11,353 people have been murdered in New York City. The large majority of victims and perpetrators have been black. Not a single one of those black-on-black killings has prompted protest or demonstrations from the city's black advocates. Sharpton, Barron, et al. are happy to let thousands of black victims get mowed down by thugs without so much as a whispered call for "peace" or "justice"; it's only when a police officer, trying to protect the public, makes a good faith mistake in a moment of intense pressure that they rise as vindicators of black life. (As for caring about slain police officers, forget about it. Sixteen cops-including several black policemen-have been killed since 1999, not one of whom elicited a public demonstration of condolence from the race hustlers.)

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