Thursday, November 22, 2007

Life Gone Wild

Some good points are brought up in this commentary by Tristan Emmanuel:

Why Thanksgiving Day makes secularists go mad

If it is possible for people with deep religious convictions to act like savages, what would the culture be like if the secularists succeeded in taking God out of the picture entirely, and allowed us all to return to our natural pagan selves?

For one thing, it won't be turkeys basting in the oven, that's for sure.

The fact is God's blessing on our culture isn't just demonstrated in the abundance of materials. God's blessing is demonstrated in His continuing mercies, in His restraint of the natural corruption and original savagery each of us possesses – a savagery that would only be exacerbated when God and morality are purposefully ignored.

That's why this holiday is important. That's why we need to celebrate it, to teach it and to remember that our peace and welfare ultimately rests on God's common grace.

So enjoy your turkey this Thanksgiving. But remember that your peace and welfare are predicated solely on God's good mercies, not your own.

Wednesday morning I read an article - and I can't remember where - about the increasing number of people using guns for personal protection. The author asked if we really wanted to go back to the days of the wild west, as if the people buying the guns were causing the regression. He missed the point though, society is not getting more dangerous because people (law abiding citizens) are buying guns for protection , people are buying the guns because society is getting more dangerous. The more we push God out of our society, the more children we have growing up with a corrupted sense of right and wrong and the more dangerous society will get. Evil is always with us but when you take away the only weapon that can keep it manageable it soon gets out of hand.

Says Joseph Farah:

This week, America is in crisis again. We are besieged by an army of well-funded and motivated terrorists who seek to destroy us. A non-Judeo-Christian worldview is at war with Americans, Christians, Jews and Western civilization. In times past, those who came before us got down on their knees to pray for divine intervention. Moses did it. Joshua did it. David did it. Jesus Himself did it. Washington did it. Lee did it. Patton did it.

Yes, Thanksgiving is a time of celebration – a time to thank God for the bounty He has provided so generously to us. But it's always a good time to pray – to pray for victory, to pray for safety, to pray for health, to pray for your country.

Remember to invite God to your table today. Ask Him to continue blessing America – to purge it of evil and to shower it with His love.

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