Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Delusions of Grandeur

From Taylor Marsh, who bills herself as "The Antidote to Right Wing Talk":

Obama's Unhinged Fans Reveal a Dangerous Zealotry

Very interesting, be sure to click the link and read the entire post.

"I don't think people understand what's going on behind the scenes in this primary race. I've been on the front lines for a very long time. That I had the nerve to question Barack Obama's lack of specificity was one thing. That it revealed itself when he ducked out of the very first Democratic primary forum, then showed up at the very first health care forum completely clueless about health care, gave me an inkling of the story line to come and that has been playing out for months. That I took up Hillary's charge later on was yet another. But it really is that I won't be led around without knowing where I'm being taken that so infuriates the Obamabots.

The supporters of Hillary Clinton can't come close to what's being spread by Obama crazed fans. Anyone saying they are is uninformed, ignorant or not closely enough involved to know what's actually happening. I am. You're wrong.

The rhetorical assaults are one thing, the threats another, though we're prepared for that as well. But what these people say about the zealotry behind the Obama campaign is not only alarming, but dangerous to our democracy. It is akin to emails I've received over the years from the anti-abortionist zealots on their own personal political war path. The insanely reactive, accept no compromise, unhinged religious fervor of a movement that was not only destructive to women, but to our politics. It is the same unbending group think that leads people off cliffs. That's what I'm getting from Obama fans. It's something that is unhealthy, even destructive to the Democratic party."

If that's not enough, here's an entire blog devoted to the question ...

Is Barack Obama the Messiah?


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