Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thou Shalt Not ...

Drive SUV's

Read about Fish and Chips

Use incandescent light bulbs

Insult police dogs

Read these books

Watch YouTube

Play with Legos

Play games at recess

Buy Lawn Darts

Be too skinny

Be too fat

Eat Trans Fats


Fly while fat

Fly that flag

Use land mines

Buy anything red

Have a billboard


Drink Coca-Cola

Take Ephedra

Use asbestos

Take home a formula company gift bag


Use Cell Phones while driving

Use lead in paint

Upgrade to Vista

Watch cartoons

Use the letter X

Eat Haggis

Buy Assault Weapons

Warm yourself by the fire

Play violent video games

Advertise cheese

Say the N Word

Have weapons in space

Use MySpace in Apple stores

Drive a horse drawn carriage

Homeschool your kids

Boo at games

Film in public

Backup your DVD

Pack loose lithium batteries in checked luggage

Get less than 35 mpg

Use plastic shopping bags

Be a Ron Paul supporter

Have guns on campus

Be, have, use filth

Have a plasma TV

Drink Red Elf

Have a gun in DC

Text message

Insults Muslims

Remove this picture

Ad infinitum

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