Monday, May 19, 2008

The Way of Truth

We thy servants are twelve brethren, ... and one is not. --Genesis 42:13

How constantly wickedness and deceit break down within their own borders. Just at the moment when evil should be most careful, it breaks down by its own methods, and puts itself in danger of discovery and defeat. To say that "murder will out," is really to say that truth will be made known, however desirable it may seem, in the interest of unrighteousness, that it should be hidden. In that sense also it is seen that truth is mighty and will prevail. In some unguarded moment something is said which gives up a secret which there is no wish to reveal. In this story, of course, Joseph was the one who "was not" of that family circle, and sooner or later these men would be confronted again with their sin. But from the standpoint of their desire to hide the past - seeing that, so far as they knew, this high official with whom they were dealing could have no knowledge of them - why did they not say: We thy servants are eleven brethren? There is no answer save that suggested. Evil is ultimately foolishness, and is overcome by the truth. The whole fact was now given away; and by their own confession as to the twelve, they must sooner or later account for the one. Thus God created man. He cannot wholly escape from the truth. However he try to conceal it, he himself will sooner or later utter it to his own condemnation. "The lip of truth shall be established forever; But a lying tongue is but for a moment." To do the right thing is to be able to speak the true word; and that is to live the life free from fear. The way of truth is the way of simplicity and liberty. --G. Campbell Morgan, Searchlights from the Word.

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