Friday, December 05, 2008

Betrayed Nations

The shifting North American Unionized Map

This is a must-read commentary. Here are a few quotes:

  • History is being rewritten before our very eyes by the Socialists of two nations.

    Long after we’re all gone, what has happened in a short time-span before Christmas 2008 will surely give pause to the historians.

  • In reality, what has happened here and in the United States was long in the making.

    Gradually over time, we elected politicians who cared not for the ecosystem of country Constitutions in comparison to their power lust. Somehow we didn’t seem to notice when government no longer worked for us, but us for them.

    The average person was kept too busy coming up with the rent or the mortgage, too busy wondering why their children were learning not reading, writing and arithmetic, but how to become effective global citizens.

    Politicians elected each term, by and large, got worse and worse until we reached a stage where they came not with altruism and leadership guiding their moral compass, but with teams of lawyers who could trash constitutions no matter how noble or time-honoured.

  • The only real "change" politicians made manifest is the one where they no longer choose to hide their true intentions.

  • It has reached a tipping point where politicians no longer feel a duty to serve the people, but only themselves and each other.

  • Socialism, advocated by both Obama and Layton, has sucked the soul out of humanity wherever it was ever attempted, but that’s the road North America is now careening down.

    Heaven help the people of both betrayed nations.

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