Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who is Protecting You and Your Family?

From Old Cop:

The Second Ammendment

As a Police Officer it is not my job to protect you. Why you might ask? Because I probably won't be there when whatever happens to you happens! My job is to establish the chain of events, collect evidence, apprehend the suspect and give the Prosecuting Attorney the case he needs to punish the wrongdoer.

In almost all cases, a Police Officer is dispatched to a scene after the incident is over. As a citizen of the United States you have the right, no the responsibility to protect yourself and your loved ones. That is one of the reasons for the second amendment.

and from Cowtown Cop:

The Open Carry Debate

The last thing I have heard from people who are plainly afraid of guns and don’t want anything to do with them is this. I live in a "good" area, I don’t go to "bad" places after dark, I lock my doors at home and in my car when I drive, I feel safe, I have an alarm, the police are there to protect me from harm, WE DON’T NEED ANY MORE OF THOSE SCARY GUNS.

These people are not willing to accept that their comfortable lives might not be so safe and secure. The statistics show that you will most likely know the person who commits a violent crime against you. You will most likely be at home or close to it in your "good" neighborhood. You will most likely have family members present or near by when it happens. And when it does happen you will have your mistaken belief in safety and security forcibly torn from you in the face of a brutal and harsh reality.

I have talked to some broken, violated and emotionally destroyed people who could do nothing but hope that their attacker would have mercy on them. They can no longer afford to believe that something else will protect them.

On the other hand I have talked to people who have fought back and won. These people are usually exhilarated to be alive and proud of their success in defending themselves or their family. These people do not suffer the same as the ones who could do nothing.

If you have to fight ... fight like a Cornered Cat - this is a great website, lots of good advice.

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