Monday, January 26, 2009

America in the Crosshairs

Obama’s Grip on Automakers Would Grow Under Emissions Decision

President Barack Obama, already overhauling automakers through a U.S. bailout, would gain a stronger grip on their future with his move toward letting California set emission standards for the nation.

I sure hope they don't try to make America into a giant California. What is it about liberals? They see something that doesn't work, that destroys the economy, that tears at the fabric of the American family, and they want to force that misery on everyone else. I guess California won't look so bad if the rest of America is in the same condition.

This liberal congress and administration is operating on the theory that they know what is best for the rest of us, our opinion be damned. And there is no watchdog approach by the media at all, in fact they try to frame everything this administration does in the best possible light and if something is especially unpopular it is enacted quietly and without fanfare so as not to alarm anyone until it is too late.

Watch your back.

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