Sunday, January 24, 2010

They're Doing It Wrong

Pittsburgh police Chief Nate Harper said three plainclothes officers have been reassigned during an internal investigation into the beating of an 18-year-old student violinist from the city's Creative and Performing Arts High School.

I have to say the police really need to rethink the whole plainclothes thing. There is no way for a citizen to know it is the police. Even if they say it is the police and flash their little badge, you can't be sure. Anyone can buy a badge and say they are the police.

Miles said he resisted because he thought the men were trying to abduct him and didn't identify themselves as police.

I have been in that situation and luckily I had a locked door between us. I had just come to work and locked the doors when a bunch of undercover police tried running into the hotel. I could see them clearly and could not tell that they were police, I thought they were trying to rob me. One was showing me a badge he had around his neck but like I said, anyone can wear one of those. It may not look real close up but in a situation like this you don't have time to examine it. If they were not locked out they would not have given me the chance anyway. I called 911 and no way in hell was I going to let them in. They said they thought I was robbing the hotel, which goes to show how stupid they were because after I came to work I walked the person I relieved out to her car in full view, apparently, of the police.

I often wonder what I would do if they raided my house, not that they would have a reason to but mistakes happen. I would think, and rightfully so, it was a home invasion robbery, again, because I haven't done anything wrong and I would never suspect the police would be doing that.

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