Tuesday, January 05, 2010

We the People

This from Time Magazine, The Lesson: Passengers Are Not Helpless

Here are some things Obama did not say: He did not propose that we find ways to leverage the proven dedication and courage of the public. He did not call for Congress to cut spending on homeland-security pork and instead double the budget of Citizen Corps — the volunteer emergency-preparedness service that was created after 9/11 and that most Americans have never heard of. He did not demand that the government be more open with us about the threats we face. He did not discuss the government's obligation, as homeland-security expert Stephen Flynn puts it, to "support regular people in being able to withstand, rapidly recover and adapt to foreseeable risks."

Thanks to Lenny Cacchio for bringing this article to my attention and remarked:

Let's look at in semi-metaphorical fashion. Typically, the government spends boat-loads of money, screws everything up, and then it's the Johnny Lunchbuckets and Joe the Carpenters -- the "you and me's" -- who must step up and bail out their incompetence. That's the pattern, and this incident over Detroit was no different. After everything settles down, the government takes the credit ("the system worked") and then punishes the innocent ("no, Mr. Pilot, you may not use the restroom").

When will we finally get it? It's individuals, not the government that makes this country great.

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