Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Anti-gun lunacy continues

We ought to be used to the stories by now — "Student suspended for toy gun"; "Boy Scout tool nets student suspension"; "Tweety Bird key chain cause for expulsion." Still, when we read of a fourth grade student being hauled into a school prinicipal’s office because his LEGO policeman figure is carrying a two-inch long plastic rifle, it is hard to resist the urge to pull at one's hair in reaction to the sheer idiocacy of the adults who do such things. This latest example of a grown-up appearing to be a simpleton in front of a child, took place at Public School 52 in Staten Island, NY.

I can't be around people like that. There is no reasoning with them. And it's not just with guns that they are intolerant and unbending. That's why I cannot send my son to government schools. Can't. Can't even stand setting foot in a government school. Don't have to, won't do it.

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