Monday, April 05, 2010

Evil Is as Evil does

The Left Destroy Machine in High Gear: New York Times Declares War on America

This is how they do. This is what they do. First successful campaign -- Barry Goldwater. In the battle space of ideas, they offer nothing but destruction and slander. They never engage in debate. They destroy.

They destroyed the greatest country in the history of the world.

They use the word extremism as a club, when in fact it is a measurement. It is not good or bad. What does tea party "extremism" consist of -- that they will not compromise on the principles of freedom, that in political issues they defend individual rights?

The left revolutionaries/weathermen were anti-American extremists, anti-capitalism and individual rights extremists. Ayn Rand said,
"And then the 'extremism' of a believer in dictatorship would consist in his taking every possible action to enslave people and to violate rights."

Would it be logical to say that he and I are equally to be condemned, merely because we each take an extreme, uncompromising stand in our particular views? Obviously the term has no meaning. No one could say that in political action you must never take an extreme position. It is the nature of your position, not your consistency in advocating it, that warrants support or condemnation. But the term 'extremism' implies the opposite. It is an attack on consistency -- on any consistency. Yet can you really consider consistency per se immoral?" (Objectively Speaking, page 25)

Today they have equated patriotism with the terrorism of the sixties -- the revolution that destroyed this country. The evil forces triumphed in the sixties and won (without enormous bloodshed). I pray we too can win without a shot. This time for the good.

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