Friday, May 28, 2010

Haman's Delusion

The example of Haman reveals one of the basic weaknesses of the flesh, of human evil. This is why Christians have nothing to fear from the presence of evil in the world. Jesus told us that when the world seems to be crashing down all around us, when human hearts are failing for fear, then "stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near" (see Luke 21:28). This is why we can be assured that no form of totalitarianism will ever conquer the earth. Nazism has already failed. Atheistic communism is doomed to fail. Islamic terrorism is like-wise doomed. The seeds of self-destruction are built into every form of evil that seeks to dominate the world.

Murderous, self-centered pride comes from our human nature, the Haman nature within us. And pride produces delusion. Pride blinds us to the truth about ourselves and the world around us. When human beings are blinded by pride, they easily stumble into folly. When you and I give way to pride, we allow Haman to rule our lives. We become willfully stupid. We make decisions to our own detriment. And then, when we incur the consequences of our own prideful, foolish decisions, we try to cast the blame on others, on God, on anything or anyone but ourselves.

Ray C. Stedman, For Such a Time as This: Queen Esther's Secrets for Strategic Living

Read the book of Esther for background.

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