Monday, October 24, 2011

Connect the Dots

Muammar, Dead at Last
As I watched President Obama take a victory lap when he announced Gaddafi's death, my thoughts turned to what Ted Belman, a widely-read blogger called the Israpundit, had to say. "Gaddafi wasn't any worse than the barbarians that killed him and will replace him. There are no freedom-loving democrats in the entire Muslim world which consists of seventh century-minded brutes."
Why does it seem as though Obama is involved in toppling governments, either through war or fomenting rebellion, that are of little threat to us and opening the floodgates for radical, anti-Western Islamic law to fill the void? Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libya - this is not a complete list, it's hard to get information on these things from the mainstream media. Yes, right or wrong, we toppled Iraq and Afghanistan, but at least we tried to help the people form a fair, open, democratic government. Now, Obama seems very happy to help the rebels achieve the goal of Sharia law and radical Islamic rule.

I see a pattern developing.

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