Monday, February 06, 2012

Crime Wave?

Amscot employee kidnapped from home, forced to rob store
A family's Sunday morning had just gotten underway inside their Osceola County home, when several men stormed into the family's home around 9:00 a.m. and tied everyone up, except for one man.

Deputies told WFTV the suspects tied up everyone in the home and took off with the man.
The employee was then driven to the Amscot location at John Young Parkway and Town Center Boulevard by the suspects, according to deputies.

Investigators say the suspects forced the employee to rob the store.
We have home invasions around here so often it's almost blasé. Here's one from Saturday. If it happens so much here, how much is it happening across America? And there are people who want to disarm us to make us even more helpless? I'm seriously beginning to think the authorities want a certain amount of crime so we look to them to help us. Perhaps even to slowly create a police state. Police are more and more equipping themselves and acting more like soldiers than a civilian "Protect and Serve" police force.

And this kind of stuff - Man exposes self to kids at Titusville Walmart - same thing, you can't leave your kids alone for a second. How can you have a society where you can't trust anyone?

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