Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ministry Highlight

The one that forgives is the one that suffers. --J. Edwin Orr
If you've never heard Dr. Orr speak, you are really missing something. I consider it a great blessing that these recordings are available and that I stumbled across his work a couple years ago. I revisited the website yesterday and realized there were some recordings that they must have added since my last visit. Or somehow I missed them? I began listening this morning and I must say, he really cuts through all the clutter and confusion that is out there in a common sense way with great storytelling ability. The one titled "Axiom, Fact, Hypothesis" is a very good one if your looking for one to start.

The website: J. Edwin Orr
Dr. J. Edwin Orr was born in Belfast in 1912 and concluded his work on earth in 1987. Professor Orr was passionately committed to Jesus Christ and dedicated his life to understanding and furthering the work of God - especially in revival and spiritual awakening. This website comes from the conviction that Dr. Orr has much to say to the Christian world today, because his message was a profoundly powerful, eloquent, and accurate explanation of what the Bible says about revival, awakening, and the deeper Christian life.

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