Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Am I Missing Something?

Welfare Fraud: Lottery Winner Caught Collecting Food Stamps Now Facing Four Years in Jail
A little more than a month after it was revealed that lottery-winner Amanda Clayton was still collecting government benefits via food stamps, she has been arrested and is facing up to four years in jail for fraud.
OK, that makes sense. It's illegal to commit welfare fraud. Then there is this paragraph:
Republican lawmakers are now taking steps to pass a bill that makes it illegal for lottery winners to collect food stamps. The bills, one for the house and one for the senate, stipulate that winners of more than $1,000 must have their names cross-checked with the Department of Human Services before receiving government assistance.
Why? It's already illegal, why do we need another law to make it illegal?

It reminds me of hate-crime laws. Murder is already illegal, murdering someone because you hate them is even more illegal? It depends why you hate them though. And who is doing the hating. All hate is not equal.

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