Monday, April 16, 2012

Something is Different

I occasionally have reason to call the police while at work to remove someone who is causing a disturbance. It doesn't happen often but it is routine, or at least it has been. For years they come, ask who and where, and ask them to leave or trespass them. I have the right and I don't abuse it, if it gets to that point they have been warned and they know what is coming.

This past year I've noticed the police don't want to do it. Not a particular officer, I could understand that, but anyone who comes out. Earlier this year they came and said they had to warn them first - I already had warned them. And I'm not talking about an iffy situation. In this situation over a hundred, mostly underage, kids partying in a suite meant for 6 people. They brought their own sound system, I could hear it on the other side of the property. Smoking, drinking and all the rowdiness that goes with it at 1, 2, 3 am. I'm getting calls like crazy from other guest wanting money back or just otherwise rudely telling me to stop it.

OK, so they warn them and leave. They don't stop. I call the police back and they do come out and kick them out - thank you - but they see all the bottles of alcohol - many broken in the room - and tell them all to get in their cars and leave. Now the kids are all over the property hiding from the police, afraid to get in their cars. But the police didn't care anyway.

Tonight I had the same problem on a smaller scale, about 25 people. So the police come to me and say they need to see a signed contract stating our policy. "Seriously?" I show them the "contract." I meet them at the room, they are already inside, people are leaving, beeping horns and otherwise disturbing the peace further. I look inside and there is a hookah all set up and the kids are dismantling it. The police officer is apologizing to them and asking them how much they paid for the hookah (I know it was a hookah because that's what it said on the box), the place is trashed, beer bottles everywhere. So, everyone gets in their cars and leave. I was as nice as can be to the police, always am, but they pretty much gave me the cold shoulder, like I was the problem for getting them to remove a bunch of partiers disturbing my other guests. I would have liked to trespass them all but I know how much paperwork and time that would entail so I don't even go there.

There have been other occasions but not so outrageous. I don't feel like the police are my friend anymore. I don't feel like they have my back. If they absolutely have to help then, well OK, they'll do the least amount possible. This is only in the past year. Things have changed.

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