Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The People's Monster

Dennis Prager: Rational people fear big gov't, not big business
Whatever bad big corporations have done is dwarfed by the monstrous crimes – the mass enslavement of people, the deprivation of the most basic human rights, not to mention the mass murder and torture and genocide – committed by big governments.

How can anyone who thinks rationally believe that big corporations rather than big governments pose the greatest threat to humanity? The answer is that it takes a mind distorted by leftist dogma. If there is another explanation, I do not know what it is.
As for greed: Between hunger for money and hunger for power, the latter is incomparably more frightening. It is noteworthy that none of the 20th century’s monsters – Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao – were preoccupied with material gain. They loved power much more than money.

And that is why the left is much more frightening than the right. It craves power.
Government has guns, bombs, police, military - who is to stop an over-sized corrupt government from doing anything it wants? The most a corporation can do is bribe the corrupt big-government politician who wields the power - unless we deny them that power while we still can. And you want an all-powerful world government? So if the government goes all Hitler on us there will be no one to save the day? Maybe we'll be saved by extraterrestrials, yeah, that's the ticket.

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