Friday, October 12, 2012

Bullied by Government

Teen Gets Bullied During TV Interview About...Bullying
Just one week before the media came to interview the boy, he was suspended from school for three days. The harsh action was taken after Deener fought back against a student who was harassing him during a separate incident.
This is one of the reasons for school shootings, I'm sure of it. The kid is being bullied, he's supposed to tell a teacher. He does. The teacher does nothing. The kid continues to be bullied. The kid fights back, teacher suspends the kid for fighting. Kid comes back and continues to be bullied. Teachers do nothing.

Here in Florida we've had a couple of cases of parents getting on the school bus to confront the bullies. How can you blame them when this goes on. Not only does the good kid get bullied, he gets punished by the school as well. That's got to do wonders for a child's psyche.

That's also the way the criminal justice system works now, especially in liberal cities.

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