Sunday, December 16, 2012

If Only...

Family, friends remember the brave, caring legacy of Sandy Hook teacher Vicki Soto, 27
Teacher Victoria Soto used her body to shield her students from the maniacal gunman who launched a massacre at a Connecticut school, relatives said Saturday.
If only she'd had a gun. Of course, that's not her fault, it's verboten in schools. Gun free zone, don't you know. Except when it's not.

Laws do not alter a persons behavior except voluntarily. I choose to obey laws and you choose to obey laws, criminals choose NOT to obey laws. How many laws did this monster break before he even got to the school? He lived in New Jersey, not a gun friendly state by any means. Most likely he could not have gotten his guns legally, certainly it was illegal for him to transport them in his car. Connecticut is not a gun friendly state either. He didn't care. He killed his mother and kindergarteners, they don't come much sicker than that. And more deserving of death.

Love. But God says to love everyone. You don't stop violence with more violence. Really? Would it not have been an act of love if Vicki Soto could have pulled a gun and stopped the monster before he could slaughter so many kids? Was it not a waste - but heroic, yes - that she could only be the first to die? Is it love to let monsters like this do what they want at the cost of so many innocent lives? I think not. It's not love if I let a monster hurt my family and, damn straight, I want to have the advantage if a situation like that arises. The gun is the equalizer. It's my fire extinguisher. I hope against hope I never have to use it, I don't even like to think about having to use it like that, but I hate the thought of what could happen if I don't have the right to use it. Do-gooders who think they are saving the world are, in their ignorance, doing much more harm than good.

Now, watch the video, he's got some good points, too.

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