Friday, December 14, 2012

Socialists Don't Like Rich People

So they demonize them and harass them and endlessly take from them, then can't figure out why everyone is destitute. It's such an easy thing to think through, why do so many people miss it?

There are evil rich people, yes. But there are also evil poor people. I'd venture to say there are many more evil poor than evil rich. Having money or not having money does not make one evil or good. Coveting and/or stealing another persons property however, that is an evil. We have laws against it. God has laws against it. You don't even need a law to tell you it is wrong, you know how you feel when someones steals from you. Generous? Even if you are forgiving, it hurts.

So, we want to base our government on theft? How does that even begin to make sense to an atheist, let alone some of the "Christians" I hear proclaiming the "virtues" of socialism. Mob rule. Mob rule crucified Jesus.

How Socialism Has Doomed France
"It is the tragic flaw by which the grand ambition of socialism has always failed, and will always fail. Human nature resists any attempt to seize one's property beyond what he would willingly give. This is the very basis of the social contract between a free man and a just government. A man chooses to take part. If that social contract is amended to be uniquely biased against his right to property, absent his consent, he may rightfully exercise his right to liberty and seek avenues to establish a new contract with a government, either by revolution or, more commonly today, expatriation."

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