Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Institutionalized Child Abuse

Government schools and the culture of cowering
Mark [Steyn] reminds us that "these small things are not small," and he's right:
. . . the scars left by being raised in a culture in which you're expected to go to the trauma counselor if you've been exposed to a gun-shaped Pop Tart does far more damage than being exposed to the gun-shaped Pop Tart.
Creating irrational fears in children is abusive. Also damaging to young souls and minds is the institutionalized squelching of the imagination and the subverting of rationality (kids know that gun-shaped Pop Tarts can't hurt them), both evident in the Pop Tart incident. One wonders if the cogs in this machine ever speculate on the real purpose behind bureaucratic promotion of absurd, arbitrary rules, baseless fears, and mental paralysis. Hint: In what kind of society is a cowering populace a necessity?
And they are doubling down on this stuff, they make no apologies, they give no quarter. And you're OK with that? Where is the outrage, except among the few?

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