Wednesday, March 13, 2013


3-year-old boy punished at school for 'shooting' his friends with his fingers
Dobbs was not satisfied with the school official's answer. She states that she does not feel that the crime fits the punishment. The conversation reiterated that he was not being disruptive or disrespectful in his actions. His "crime" was simply "shooting" at his friends with his fingers during playtime.
It's 100% normal behavior, it hurts NO ONE, little boys who play cops and robbers, or whatever, grow up to be normal adults. Little kids who are ABUSED by school teachers and government schools will be the ones who grow up with deep psychological problems. Read how the mother tries to reason with school officials. You can't reason with school officials, they are unreasonable. He's 3 years old! Why are your kids still in government schools?

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