Monday, May 20, 2013

It's Here

Probable Cause
Catherine Engelbrecht is a small businesswoman who three years ago, for the first time in her life, got politically active. In short order, she attracted an IRS audit of her personal taxes, and of her business, and the full proctological monty of her non-profit — plus visits from the FBI, OSHA, and the ATF. The most powerful government on the planet decided, for no valid reason, to go fishing in the Engelbrechts’ lives in a sustained effort to turn a law-abiding couple into criminals, and determined not to rest until they'd got the goods on them. There are no goods to be got, but to America's shame this is now a land in which there are laws against everything — or, at any rate, regulations (we're way beyond laws at this stage) — and any one of us is in non-compliance with something or other any hour of the day. So, if they’re serious about getting you on something, anything, eventually they will. And they’ll take as much time as they want: The process is the punishment.

Meanwhile, who regulates the regulators? The president's senior communications adviser dismisses media queries as “offensive“; the attorney general sneers at attempted congressional oversight as 'unacceptable"; and the IRS commissioner insists that to target individual citizens for bureaucratic harassment on the basis of their political beliefs is "absolutely not illegal."
Best argument for limited government is no longer just theory in the United States - it's REAL people. It's happening. What's next, jailing political enemies? Firing squads? We're not there yet but we are heading in that direction. It's time to put the reins back on our leaders. Wake up, you can't keep your head low enough forever.

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